20 Best Microsoft Azure Blogs And Websites In 2020


Microsoft Azure is the public cloud computing platform for Microsoft, formerly known as Windows Azure. It offers a range of cloud services, such as computing, analytics, storage, and networking.

To develop and scale new applications, users can select and choose from these services or run existing applications in the public cloud. Because there are numerous service offerings in Microsoft Azure, its use cases are highly diverse. One of Microsoft Azure’s most popular uses is to run virtual machines or containers in the cloud.

The aim of the Azure platform is to help companies manage challenges and achieve their organizational objectives. It provides tools that are compatible with open source technologies to support all industries.

This gives users the flexibility to use the tools and technologies they prefer. A number of third-party vendors also make software directly available through Azure, in addition to the services that Microsoft offers via the Azure portal.

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Sounds Interesting? Here is a compiled list of 20 best Microsoft Azure blogs and websites you can follow in 2020:

1. Microsoft Azure Blog

In order to run its fabric layer, Microsoft Azure uses a specialized operating system, called Microsoft Azure. A Microsoft data center-hosted cluster that manages computer computing and storage resources and provides resources or a subset of them to applications running on top of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure has been described as a cloud layer, apart from a number of Windows Server systems that use a 2008 version of Windows Server and a custom version of HyperV called Microsoft Azure Hypervisor.

Scaling and reliability are controlled by the Microsoft Azure Fabric Controller, which ensures that when one or more servers fail within the Microsoft Data Center, services and the environment do not fail, and by managing the user’s Web application, such as allocating memory and balancing loads.

2. Build Azure (Microsoft Cloud)

Your go-to source is provided by Build5Nines Weekly to keep all the latest Microsoft Azure news and updates up-to-date. Blog articles, podcasts, videos, and more from Microsoft and the greater community over the past week are included in the Build5Nines Weekly newsletter.

3. Thomas Maurer (Cloud and Datacenter Blog)

Thomas works at Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Advocate. To enhance the Azure cloud platform, he engages with the community and clients around the world to share his knowledge on how to get Microsoft Azure and collect feedback.

Thomas was a lead architect and Microsoft MVP, who helped develop, implement, and promote Microsoft’s cloud technology before joining the Azure engineering team. See his blog for more information about the available services Thomas provides.

4. Serverless360 (Azure Serverless Monitoring and Management)

It is a portal that focuses on operations and support for Microsoft Azure Serverless services. Mike is an experienced leader who has worked on over 40 projects for numerous large customers when it comes to delivering real-world cloud solutions.

Since their inception, he has worked with Microsoft Azure technology and led the cloud adoption technology in a number of companies, helping Microsoft recognize these companies as the benchmark in their industry for cloud adoption.

5. Pixel Robots

This Microsoft Azure and SysAdmin blog was launched by Richard Hooper in 2016 for a few reasons. The first reason was to create a place to store guides and clear ideas about being a sysadmin, step by step, for troubleshooting. The second reason was that he had to share with other people like him what he had learned and found out.

6. Daniel’s Tech Blog

This is his private blog and knowledge base, directed by Daniel Neumann, where he writes down his thoughts all around Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, and Cloud-Native technologies. In the Platform Operations team, he works as a Staff Software Engineer for LeanIX. Before joining LeanIX, he worked as an Azure Technology Solutions Professional for Microsoft.

He is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and received the award in 2013, 2014 & 2015 and Microsoft Azure in 2020 in the categories of Cloud and Datacenter Management. His own personal views are the views expressed herein and do not represent the view of his employer in any way.

7. Quae Nocent Docent

Quae Nocent Docent is named for a group of friends’ daily experiences. Managing today’s distributed systems effectively with today’s instruments is like the quest for the Holy Grail. You can get close, but there’s still a step beyond this.

It started with SMS 1.2 back in 1995 and traveled the dangerous way up to the System Center. You will discover everything about the broad Microsoft System Center community and beyond with this blog. OpsMgr used to be the primary focus of this blog, but now they are in the CloudOS era, so they post on everything related to hybrid clouds.

8. christiaanbrinkhoff.com

Sharing knowledge of Azure cloud and desktop virtualization, Christiaan works as a Principal Program Manager and Community Lead on Microsoft’s Cloud Managed Desktops Engineering team, bringing his expertise to help clients imagine new experiences in virtualization. He was also rewarded with the community accomplishments of Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP, and VMware expert.

The titles gave him the privilege of interacting with product management and development teams for problem-solving and future roadmap discussions within Citrix and VMware. His blog also received the top 20 Best Azure Blogs and Websites awards. Christiaan is also part of the group of Microsoft Azure Advisors and is an Architect Expert for Azure Solutions.

9. Azure heroes

It is a blog on the Azure technologies of Microsoft. It mainly provides insights into Azure Services, directed by Mohammad Al Rousan. This is their personal knowledge base where, all-around Microsoft Azure, they publish ideas.

Mohammad works as an Azure Solution Architect for Diyar United Company. As a cloud, his technology now concentrates on Docker, Kubernetes Service, Container, Azure DevOps, IaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, as well as Terraform and other Azure serverless components, e.g. Apps and Functions of Logic. Microsoft Azure, including all services such as DevOps, Security, and Monitoring, is covered in their latest posts.

10. Reddit (Microsoft Azure)

Thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection are home to Reddit. With 450 million-plus monthly active users, 130 thousand plus communities, and 30 billion-plus monthly views, this is one of the most visited websites in the US.

11. AzureDiary

AzureDiary, also called Medium, is where powerful conversations take shape, take off, and spark the best ideas. It is an open platform where insightful and dynamic thinking can be found by 170 million readers. Here, professional and undiscovered voices alike plunge into the core of any subject and bring new ideas to the surface.

Its purpose is to spread these thoughts and to deepen the world’s understanding. For digital publishing, they are creating a new model. One which promotes nuance, complexity, and vital storytelling without giving in to advertising incentives. It’s an atmosphere that is open to all but promotes substance and authenticity.

12. Whizlabs (Microsoft Azure Blog)

Awarded by NASSCOM in 2004 as the Most Innovative Indian IT Company, Whizlabs helps professionals improve their skills and thus advance their careers. The pioneer among online training providers worldwide is Whizlabs.

In various fields, such as Cloud Computing, Java, Big Data, Project Management, Agile, Linux, CCNA, and Blockchain, they provide online certification training. Launched in 2000, 20+ years of success have now been completed by Whizlabs. With numerous courses across the fields, they have helped 5 million-plus professionals and 100 plus companies around the world to succeed in their careers.

13. Cloud Academy Blog (Microsoft Azure)

Cloud Academy works together with innovation-orientated organizations that understand the importance of continuous improvement and technical excellence to build teams of a world-class standard, the understanding of current forces that shape business outcomes including technology adoption, competence, and organization capabilities.

14. Azure Tips and Tricks

This site is a dynamic archive of hundreds of tips in blog posts and videos that cover the entire universe of the Azure platform. These tips are based on real-world scenarios that you encountered with Azure and the community. Feel free to jump in and see new tips every week.

15. Skylines Academy (Top Rated Cloud Training)

In order to obtain certification from Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, HashiCorp, and Google Cloud Platform, which have great demands for careers in the labor market, the Skylines Academy offers people the depth of experience they need to receive.

Their goals are always to reveal the latest materials necessary not only for passing the examination, but also to gain the experience of the real world needed for your IT career and to get you into the chair.

16. The Redmond Cloud

This site is devoted to helping you learn about Microsoft Windows and how Microsoft is poised to become the world’s number one provider of cloud computing. They have tried to cover Windows and Azure as thoroughly as possible on this website and have a bunch of resources that you will find helpful, such as Microsoft Azure training, tutorials, books, news, jobs, and more.

It’s perfect for you if you’re new to Windows 10, Cloud, and Azure. With over 10,000 articles since 2008, this is one of the oldest Windows related websites on the Internet. Furthermore, they have a lot of helpful resources that you can benefit from.

17. RebelAdmin.com

More than 400 articles are included in the Rebeladmin technical blog. The website is more than 7 years old and is regularly updated. You’ll find articles on Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Azure Networking, Microsoft Intune, Cyber Security, and many more Azure Services here.

18. Joonas W’s Blog

Directed by Joonas Westlin, he works at Zure in Finland as a software developer. He has worked for about 5 years professionally, although since the first version of .NET he has been doing programming as a hobby. He did C#, Java, C, C++, Assembly, and JavaScript programming throughout his college years.

The blog focuses on Azure and its PaaS services, and most of Joonas’s work is to create custom web apps, usually running on Azure App Service, for clients using ASP.NET Core. He is also an Azure MVP.

He specialized in building solutions on top of Azure Active Directory, the identity provider for all cloud services from Microsoft, as well as thousands of existing third-party applications, over the last few years.

19. Sajeetharan Sinnathurai

Sajeetharan Sinnathurai is a Cloud Solution Architect and a Cloud and Web Development enthusiast with over 11 years of experience in the ICT industry. He is now working as an APAC OCP (Cloud Solution Architect) for Microsoft ISVs to help partners develop quality solutions using Azure Cloud.

With his skills in web application architecture, cloud, and more, he has become Microsoft’s MVP in Development Technologies and the first Google developer in web technology.  He is also the leading stack overflow contributor to Sri Lanka, and ranks among the top ten in the world in terms of Angular, Azure, and so on.

20. The DirTeam.com (ActiveDir.org Weblogs)

DirTeam.com and ActiveDir.org Weblogs, a weblogs collection composed by a team of dedicated IT professionals, are presented to you in the community of Active Directory. It provides you with up-to-date, real-life, technologically driven information about Microsoft Windows Server and Active Directory.

Some of them are coders and some architects, but you’ll find that they are a Microsoft Certified team, employed by Microsoft, minded by Microsoft, and Most Valuable Professionals by Microsoft (MVPs) (MVPs).


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