15 Tips to Write an Impressive College Essay

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Apply to your favorite college, they said. It will be fun, they said. Yes, it is fun until you are supposed to write 500 to 1000 words to describe yourself and present it as a personal statement. Not everyone can compose an impressive essay and that is why we have so many writing services for college around us. These firms provide you with academic assistance so that you can apply to your desired institute and if you are already enrolled in one, then you can take help from professional writers to construct your assignments or complete your projects.

Since the pressure of college essays is quite a thing and students stress about it, we thought to unleash some tips and tricks on how you can produce the best and most impressive personal statement.

Grab your iPad, register, notebook, or whatever you use to note down important things if you haven’t already and read this article till the end because of course we won’t be disclosing important details too early. With the help of these 15 tips, you can write the finest college essay by yourself without even the help of Essay Writing Canada. So shall we start the ride without any further delay?

Introduction that a reader won’t forget 

Always remember that a person who received your application has already piles of other essays to read as well. And he is going to read attention-grabbing letters that can keep the reader attentive. So make sure you craft an introduction of your essay in a way that he does not want to put down until he is done reading.

Ignore Clichés 

You should know what cliché is to avoid it in your essay. It is a sort of overly used opinion or a phrase that dims the importance of your actual thoughts. We know that research is the key but sometimes, students take it too far with all of the examples they find online. Admission officer has tons of applications to read and most of them have the same content so it is better to avoid clichés.

What do you find most important?

Tell the reader what is most important to you in life. It can be a dream, a person, or even a thing. But it will help him to know you a little better. Some people have the set of principles that is most important to them and it shouldn’t be avoided no matter what. It shows how much seriously a person takes things in life and if he is motivated or not.

Several drafts methods 

The more drafts you write the more chances you get to correct your mistakes or to erase the futile information. Read your essay as much as you can before you finally send it out. You know what they say, practice! That’s what makes you perfect so, do it. And make sure, when you are reading your essay it sounds like you have written it and these are your thoughts and voice. Your essay should reflect you.

Be more open 

You can choose to be reserved but we’d suggest being more open about your ideas, aims, and thoughts. What makes you the person you are right now? You can tell the most interesting incident that happened to you, this will keep the reader interested in your essay, or else you can share something that connects you to the field you are applying for.

Don’t repeat the same thing 

This is quite obvious that if you say the same thing more than two times it becomes repetitive. No one wants to hear or read something repeatedly. So, when you give your essay a read, do check if there’s a repetition of something.

Revise, edit, rewrite 

When you proofread your piece of writing, you are going to inspect grammar and composition mistakes too. So revise it thoroughly, edit, and rewrite.

2nd opinion 

It’s always good to take 2nd opinion because someone else would not read your essay the way you see it. You can try the college essay writing service Canada for this. They will have different thoughts and opinions about it and this will help you to get better at what you are doing. Show it to someone who can make comments without being biased.

Be the reader 

This is the best way to judge your writing. Do you know you have to think like a thief to catch him? Just like that, you need to be the reader to write. It’s like getting into the reader’s head. Think like a reader for a moment and then start writing.


Take help 

Never hesitate to take help. Academic assistance can make big difference. So ask for help if you are lacking in something.

Write like a journalist 

You might have seen how journalists talk, flawlessly. Try to be like that. They know how to make people hooked to the TV.

What does the college need?

Once you know and understand the values of a college you are applying to, you can use them in your essay. Besides, it is also essential because you can’t just take admission to any institute without knowing their methods and way of teaching.

Watch the requirements 

Read the requirements before composing your application and be attentive throughout. Don’t miss any of those because this might get your essay discarded.

Touch of a light humor 

You can also use humor to lighten the mood but use it correctly. Because if you don’t know how to joke then the situation might end up getting awkward.

Word count 

Now, this is the tricky part. We start our essay without checking out the word count requirements and messing everything up. If you don’t want it to happen, keep your eyes on the word count.


Apart from the fact that there is no special drill to it, you just need to be yourself and honest about everything, these are the points that might help you with your application. Because if your essay gets selected then you need to ace the interview to claim your admission.


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