15 Desk Accessories to Improve Productivity at Work

desk accessories

We are all aware of the fact that to be productive, we need a conducive work environment. One of the most important things that can make our work environment more conducive is a good set of desk accessories.

There are many types of desk accessories available in the market today and it is quite difficult to choose which ones are the best for us. So, here we have compiled a list of must-have desk accessories to improve productivity at work to make your work life easier.

Monitor Arms

monitor arms

Monitor arms are a great way to improve productivity. They provide a more ergonomic and comfortable workstation that reduces neck, shoulder, and arm strain.

Monitor arms are also great for people with limited desk space. They allow you to use up the whole desk area and save money on monitors since you can get them in one big screen size.

Monitor arms evolved in recent years, with the Actiflex heavy-duty single monitor arm being one example of this evolution.

Laptop Stands

laptop stand

Laptop stands are a great way to increase productivity while working on your computer. They help you avoid back and neck pain, as well as the discomfort of having to look down at your laptop for extended periods of time.

A laptop stand can be made out of anything that is sturdy enough to hold up a laptop and provides adequate space for mouse use. A more expensive stand will have slots for laptops with different sizes, adjustable heights, and even a mouse tray.

The best way to find the right stand for you is to take into account how long you spend on your computer each day and what features are most important to you.

Gooseneck Mobile Holder

The Gooseneck Mobile Holder is a creative and innovative product that can be used to make mobile usage more comfortable. This is done by providing a stable and ergonomic place for the phone to be held.

The gooseneck design allows for the user to have their hands free while using their mobile device as they are able to hold it in any position or angle. It also provides stability by reducing the chances of dropping the phone, which is often an issue with other types of holders.

Cable Management System

Cable management is an important aspect of a good workplace. A messy desk can be distracting and it can also lead to accidents.

A study from the University of California, Irvine, found that in offices where the desks were cluttered with cords, people were less productive than those who had a neatly arranged desk.

In order to keep your workspace clean and organized you should consider buying a cable management system. These systems will help you organize all your cables and power strips into one neat space that is easy to access when you need it.

LED Lamps

desk lamp

LED desk lamps can be used in different ways, so it’s important to find one that suits your needs. For example, some people like to use them as reading lights because they provide a lot of light without being too bright or harsh on your eyes. Others like to use them as task lights because they provide just enough light for what you need to do at your workstation.


A tiltable footrest is a device that helps people to keep their feet elevated while sitting. It is a great way to improve productivity and reduce the risk of getting back pain.

The benefits of using a tiltable footrest are numerous. First, it can help people with back pain by reducing pressure on the spine and improving circulation in the lower extremities. Second, it can help people who have difficulty sitting for long periods of time by reducing pressure on the legs and hips. Third, it can help people who have difficulty maintaining an upright posture while sitting by providing support for their feet and ankles.

Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat

Standing in one place for long periods of time can lead to back pain, muscle fatigue, and even circulatory problems.

The Anti-Fatigue Standing Mat provide relief from these symptoms by encouraging natural movement while standing at work. The mat provides the perfect surface for standing while working at a desk, because it has enough cushioning to support your weight without being too soft or too hard.

Mouse Pad

mouse pad

The importance of a mouse pad cannot be emphasized enough. It is not just a flat surface that the mouse is placed on, it is also the surface that your wrist rests while you work. A quality mouse pad can improve your wrist posture.

A well-designed product will have a smooth cloth surface on top and a rubber base to keep it in place. They are available in materials like wool or leather, which provide an optimal level of comfort for your wrists and hands.

Indoor Plants

indoor plant

Indoor plants make the environment more pleasant and improve the aesthetics of office spaces. Plants also provide a natural way to improve indoor air quality by absorbing harmful pollutants and releasing oxygen.

Wireless chargers

wireless charger

Wireless chargers in the workplace are a great idea to have. They can help employees to be more productive and less annoyed by wires all over the place.

Wireless chargers in the workplace can improve productivity because they make it easier for employees to charge their devices without having to find an outlet or a wire. This is especially helpful if they need to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Ergonomic keyboard

ergonomic keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard can help you avoid repetitive stress injuries and other health problems that result from poor posture, hand and wrist strain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Today, there are many ergonomic keyboards available in the market.

The most popular ergonomic keyboards are split keyboards, which have a separate keypad for each hand. The design of these keyboards is such that your hands are positioned at a natural angle, which reduces stress on your joints.

Desk converter

Desk converters are tools that convert a desk into a standing desk. These help people stay healthy and improve their productivity.

The standing desk has been proven to have many benefits such as increased concentration, improved mood, and less fatigue.

Standing up for 10 minutes per hour can increase metabolism, which could lead to a large weight loss.

Sticky Notes

A sticky notes packet is one of the most underrated productivity tools. They are cheap, and easy to use. One of the most common uses is as a way to set goals and break them down into small tasks.

Fidget spinner

A fidget spinner can be an effective tool to improve productivity. They provide a distraction-free way to keep your hands busy and your mind focused on the task at hand.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones can improve your productivity by blocking out all external noise and distractions. These headphones are designed to eliminate the sound of voices, traffic, or other ambient noises so that you can focus on what you’re doing.


A desk is a place where you spend most of your time. It is important to make it a place that helps you become more productive and not a distraction.

The best way to increase your productivity at work is by making sure that your desk has everything you need and nothing you don’t.


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