14 Best Photo Editing Apps to Try!

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There are so many photo editing services that can be used to choose from. Some are paid, and some are free. But unfortunately, photo editing applications are usually complicated because they need to be installed first, especially if you often edit photos using a computer or PC.

Interestingly, photo editing doesn’t need to be complicated in this era of the internet anymore. Now, many websites provide live photo editing online. What is photo editing? Check out the list below.

1. FotoJet

FotoJet is an all-in-one platform with various capabilities. The program offers three functions. With the photo editor, you can crop and resize your photo. The tool also enables you to add effects. In addition, FotoJet has a collage maker. You can upload your photos, and the program will create a collage of them. You can also choose to use FotoJet layouts and do the rest yourself. Finally, there is the option to create graphic designs for, for example, a poster or birthday card. FotoJet just works in your browser. Select ‘get started’ at the top right of the website and choose one of the three functions.

2. Pixlr

Pixlr is another online photo editing application that you can choose too. This online photo editing service is quite complete. Why not? You can find full photo editing features on Pixlr. There are for crop, range, cutout, change color saturation, add text, and more.

In addition, Pixlr provides interesting features that are rarely found in other online photo editing services. These features include photo effects features like Instagram photo effects, features for drawing, sticker features, and also features for adding images from image service providers.

Oh well, Pixlr also features layers, just like the Photoshop photo editing application. In case you are familiar with Photoshop and want to try an easy-to-use online photo editing application, then Pixlr is the exemplary service to choose. You can try Pixlr by visiting Pixlr.com.

3. Canva

Canva Photo Editor is a quality online photo editing service that is the choice of many people. Why? Because Canva provides standard, easy-to-use photo editing features. You can try Canva by visiting https://www.canva.com/photo-editor.

Apart from that, Canva also provides other features beyond photo editing. These features include editing templates for social media, templates for CVs, templates for brochures, and so on. In a way, Canva has a lot of templates that allow you to edit quickly.

4. Polarr

Polarr is another online photo editing service worth checking out. This online photo editing application has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can add filters, add effects, edit and crop, and other tools commonly found in online photo editing applications.

What’s interesting about Polarr is that this service has a view to choose from. Can choose a dark theme or a standard theme. In addition, you can also access the service for free, and there is also a paid version with features that are certainly more complete compared to the standard version or the free version.

4. Befunky

Another online photo editing application is Befunky which you can visit at Befunky.com. Befunky is a complete online photo editing application that has many effects features. You can find interesting features such as full editing features, including beautify. This feature also has a feature to blur the image.

Befunky juga menyediakan fitur lain yang lengkap. Ada fitur untuk penambahan efek dan filter. Selain itu, Befunky menyediakan fitur-fitur tambahan yang hanya bisa didapatkan jika Anda upgrade alias fitur berbayar. Dengan beragam efek foto, kolase, dan banyak fitur lainnya, membuat Befunky menjadi salah satu layanan edit foto yang menarik untuk dicoba.


GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is one of the most popular online photo editing applications. The reason is that this application has an open source concept, which means that every user can add filters and features to this application freely. Apart from that, the interface is also easy to understand. New users don’t need to be confused about how to use it.

Regarding tools,  GIMP is also quite complete because GIMP has tools that are similar to Photoshop. The most interesting thing about GIMP is that users don’t have to pay anything for all the facilities here. So, if you want easy and free photo editing, you can use GIMP.

6. DesignCap

DesignCap proves that a good program does not require an installation. All tools that are offered can be used online via the browser. DesignCap is a simple tool that allows you to quickly make beautiful photos for social media, document presentations, and blog content images like infographics, charts, etc.

Often I use it to make my YouTube thumbnails, banners, Facebook covers, Instagram posts, and other social images with its many pro templates. I can only make some adjustments to get my images quickly without requiring a lot of prior knowledge.

7. Photopea

If you are used to utilizing Photoshop, then you can use Photopea easily. The reason is that the interface from Photopea can be said to look familiar with Photoshop. Besides having a  friendly interface,  Photopea is also equipped with various adequate tools.

Because the tools are pretty adequate, users do not need to download additional software to edit photos. Here, you can find tools for lens correction, brushes, layers, and more. For photo edits, you can save them in various standard formats, such as PSD, GIF, PDF, JPG, to PNG. If interested in trying it, directly visit the site here.

8. Fotor

Next is Fotor, which provides an online photo editing application via a browser. In Fotor, there are various tools that can be used, such as photo collages,  adding great filters and effects, to editing photos with more advanced tools. What’s interesting about this application is that you can create brochures, posters to business cards, perfect for social media activists.

But unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to Fotor. Here there is a limit on the size of the uploaded photo. So, users should not upload images of more than 19MB. Plus, Fotor only supports a few photo formats that can be exported. However, you can still use it for free on this site.

9. Pizap

Another online photo editing app is Pizap. This tool offers two versions of online photo editing, a flash version, and an HTML version. Of course, considering the flash service, the HTML version has begun to be abandoned.

In Pizap itself, you can edit photos quickly. The features for editing it are also relatively easy to recognize because the interface of this photo editing service is quite good. This can be seen from the elements of the editing feature, which are more colorful, while the photo editing section is made with a dark background.

In Pizap, you can add various stickers, add filters, add text, add borders, create memes, and features for drawing. Interestingly, the choice of effects and filters varies, although some effects and filters are only obtained if you upgrade using this service to the Pro version.

10. Photofunia

Photofunia is the next online photo editing application that you can try. This app offers photo editing with a fun concept, as the name suggests. The reason is that Photofunia offers a variety of photo frames with funny, romantic, and significant effects.

In addition, Photofunia also offers a wide selection of photo cards such as posters, billboards, special day greeting cards, edited photos using magazine or newspaper concepts, TV frames, and many others. Those who like to edit photos with unique and beautiful frames must try Photofunia by visiting it at Photofunia.com.

11. Adobe Online Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing application for millions of people. It has many versions, and one of them that is free. And you can try Adobe Online Photo Editor, an online photo editor from Adobe that you can access here. However, keep in mind the name is free. Of course, the features are not as complete as the paid version.

Although its features are limited, Adobe Online Photo Editor still deserves to be your first choice for photo editing. It’s just that, to use this service, you must have an account at Photoshop.com and install Adobe Flash, considering that this online tool runs on Adobe Flash.

12. Ipiccy

Ipiccy is another online photo editing app that you can try. This application has a complete photo editing feature. There are features such as Auto Fix, Crop Picture, Rotate & Flip, Exposure, Vibrance, adding text, giving photo effects, and various other editing features commonly found in online photo editing applications.

In addition, Ipiccy also provides a variety of interesting effects. Examples are Sepia, Black & White, Orton Effect, Vignette Matte, and Soften Image. Ipiccy also provides features for drawing, so you will not run out of creativity when using Ipiccy. You can use Ipiccy by visiting its website at Ipiccy.com.

13. Fotobewerking.eu

At the website fotobewerking.eu you don’t need a program to edit your photos. You just do it in your browser. The possibilities are, of course, not as extensive as with one of the more well-known programs, but if you want to edit your material quickly, it is a handy option.

You can choose from many effects that give your photos that little bit extra, add extra layers to brighten up your photo, or play with the size. An excellent addition is the Stickers option, where you can add a mustache or other images to your photo, for example. All in all, fotobewerking.eu is a friendly tool.

14. Fotoram.io

Another online photo editing application that you can try is Fotoram.io. This service has a variety of photo editing that is quite complete. Examples are sharpened round, exposure, crop, blur, and other photo editing tools.

In addition, Fotoram.io provides a variety of significant effects. There are effects for giving text, there are effects for frames, effects for textures, and can also include various ClipArt features. The great thing about Fotoram.io is the ease of use that makes it easy for you to use this service. Interested in using Fotoram.io? You can go directly to the site directly.

Yes, those are some photo editing applications that can be used through a browser. There are several sites that offer everything completely free, but there are also applications that require you to pay for more complete tools. So, which tool would you want to try?

The best tool for me to edit photos

In the case of searching for a program to download and edit your photos from your PC, I would decide on FotoJet, which is also available for both Windows and Mac OS.

You can never say that you can’t edit your photos, even if you are a beginner. You have run out of excuses! As you might have seen, with large numbers of these photograph editing programs, you don’t need any prior knowledge. You don’t have to download or install them; the best part is that they are free!

What’s more, you can combine them with one another, a filter from one, a tool from another, an impact from a third… So the possibilities are endless. All you need is to spare some time to try them out. However, I guarantee you that you won’t get exhausted, on the grounds that there are such countless potential outcomes that they offer that time will fly by!

Although they will not all be the best photo editing programs, since each of us is looking for something different in terms of editing and retouching photos, at least you may consider the list as a reference. Suppose you want to start messing around with editing without having to pay the high cost of purchasing Photoshop or Lightroom.

If you think the list is helpful, give it a “Like” and share it. You will be doing them a favor and another for us. And if you know any other free photo editors, be sure to add them in the comments below.

Good luck and have a happy photo editing journal!


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