13 Advantages of a corporate blog that your company should take into account


A corporate blog is a segment of the company’s website or organization used to share useful and quality information that adds value to potential clients of the company.

Although they are substantial, many companies do not consider it as part of their Digital Marketing strategy, and even though they are making a mistake, they still do not know it! Mainly because they do not know the benefits they have for their companies.

But you, are you willing to find out what the advantages of a blog for your company are? Continue reading this article and discover them.

13 advantages of a corporate blog in digital strategies

  1. Improve the SEO positioning of your website

One of the companies’ ideals is to have a large digital presence and be positioned among the first results in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), right?

We tell you that corporate blogs helped achieve this through the correct use of SEO strategies and renewed and quality content. Read this guide to start a successful blog.

2. Make your brand a benchmark in your business.

Another significant advantage of a corporate blog is that your clients and potential ones will see you as an expert in the sector. As you will address issues related to the market in which you develop as a company.

In other words, as you add content to the corporate blog, you will show your visitors that you know the area. Therefore, you can speak appropriately about everything that your industry encompasses.

3. Build trust and credibility

As a consequence of becoming an expert and being among the top positions in web search engines, your readers will begin to place trust in your company. They will also start to believe in your project. In this way, you will be able to retain customers and close more sales.

Keep in mind that if they decided to go for your product or service, it must satisfy the customer’s needs in terms of quality, delivery time, responses to problems from the company. This way, you will get them to fall in love with the blog and your product.

4. Enrich communication with customers

Leaving a comment on each published content allows readers to write their concerns, suggestions, and even thanks for the published article to respond to them and generate closeness from the company.

5. Create a community around the brand

Keep in mind that this community will provide you with a communication channel from which you will receive constant feedback; do not hesitate to use it.

6. Strengthens the image of the brand

By offering a complimentary and free service in which quality content is provided regarding a specific sector in which the reader has an interest, the information – and the company – remains in the minds of visitors. The image of the company remains positively reinforced.

7. Increase website traffic

A blog is an ideal way to increase the number of visits to the company’s platform. If an article is well positioned in search engines, it is much easier to enter it and find your company.

And, if readers were interested in your content and found it relevant, they will want to know who you are, what you do, and what you offer.

8. You can convert your readers into leads.

The information you post on your blog allows your readers to become leads and then buyers.

And this is because the majority of visitors are interested in the sector in which you develop. Hence, they are potential clients, who with the necessary guidance, can become your clients.

Keep in mind that the content you distribute should be oriented to educate readers, but not to provide – directly – information regarding the activities carried out by the company.

9. Build customer loyalty

A satisfied customer can become a loyal customer, which translates into assured sales, regularly visited content, recommendations, and brand ambassadors.

10. Differentiates you from the competition

If your blog offers relevant and quality content, solutions to the questions and doubts of your readers, and, in addition, you explain – creatively – what you have to offer, you will be differentiating yourself from your competition.

Offering a space to teach, answer questions, and give customers opinions about your products and services marks a positive plus between your company and others.

11. Generate sales

Through the security, sympathy, and trust it provides to readers, a corporate blog is an excellent channel to achieve sales.

Since through the content offered, your visitors will know who you are and what you offer, so they will be much more willing to purchase.

Also, through leads, you can generate a list of potential customers interested in your brand and offer your products or services in a more attractive way (such as through a newsletter ).

12. Generate relevant information to share on social networks

Many times finding exciting and interesting content regarding the sector in which we operate can be difficult. However, by regularly creating quality content on the corporate blog, you will have new material to always share on your social networks.

13. Economical

Creating a corporate blog is much cheaper than online advertising. Of course, it is cheaper than offline since the investments you will need to make are very few, and the benefits are enormous.


And now, with this defined and established, you will be able to obtain all the benefits. Don’t forget that creating a corporate blog will allow you to leave a mark on your readers. Be resourceful and analyze what you can offer your audience through your blog that your competition is not showing. Creating a blog is a unique opportunity; do not put it aside!



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