12 Creative Website Design ideas for Client Websites

Website Design ideas

It doesn’t matter whether a website is for yourself or creating for a client. The most important thing for maintaining the overall image is the long-term impact and originality. Also, the other significant element is how fast the website is, which saves the time of the users. 

Together these components serve the purpose:

  • Minimalist design
  • Creativity
  • User-friendly
  • Informative 
  • Easy navigation
  • Mobile accessibility

Websites with qualities as mentioned above are a dream of every agency. However, website designs have a variety of options and are continuously growing. All these creative website design ideas attract a large audience and make things more understandable.

Examples of Successful and Creative Website Design Ideas:

There are innovative designs and famous websites which are fulfilling the standards. It becomes significant to expand knowledge and understand every feature in-depth. This is necessary to encompass the need for specific content creation. There must be videos added to explain the strategy of any website. 

The creation of websites can have a lot of reasons. Here are five award-winning websites designed that are enough to inspire.

1- Crafted

The motto of this agency is “We make digital beautiful.” Agency is in New York City. This serves the purpose professionally and has all the solutions. Also, because of the creative website design ideas, the whole website turns out to be amazing in attracting more audience.

A few of the features are: 

  • Website has calming 
  • White and blue color ordination. 
  • Full of creative, simple, and elegant designs.
  • Also, the approach towards designing is minimalistic.

Crafted has all those features which can enhance the functionality of the users.

2- Luminary

It is popular for managing cloud services and digital marketing. Also, the agency improves the user experience by providing a creative homepage that connects with everything without any difficulty. 

Luminary, just like its name, has a colorful website and the best feature too. This makes the user come back again and again.

3- Montage

Montage comes under the list of excellent creative website design ideas and a productive source. It is best for highlighting the numerous products. The homepage is easy to navigate.

Moreover, it includes testimonials, detailed product descriptions, and clear outlines as well. This helps the users to find and identify what they are looking for easily. 

4- Beyond

It had a clear and vivid message. The website is the simplest form of design and minimizes the gaps, and serves as a bridge between the available opportunity and plenty. 

Here are the amazing designing features:

  • Geometric shapes are the eye-catching factor.
  • All the colors are so welcoming and settled.
  • It gives the users easy navigation options.

Beyond is setting prominent examples of creative website design ideas.

5- AVX Digital

AVX digital has some unique graphic criteria. It is the kind of website which has the most usable features. Also, this helps make the customer’s work highlighted and guides them to make it to the digital world.

Undoubtedly, it is an amazing website that gives a unique homepage that connects the dots and engages in reaching the final steps. So naturally, this develops the interest of the users.

12 Creative Website Design Ideas For Client Websites

Being a developer, it is the utmost duty of designers to fulfill the client’s demands and requirements. In addition to this, it is essential to identify what type of website a person wants and what the products are. The decision with such predefined goals makes the plan successful.

According to website design services in UK, patterns or design play an important role in understanding the website’s objective.

Below find the most useful and creative ideas:

1- Give a Touch of Illustrations

There are loads and loads of ideas for creating a more attractive website. From hand-drawn, digital to abstract illustrations are the new trend that is successfully running in the new technological world.

Read till the end to get more ideas:

  • Skeuomorphism
  • Neomorphism
  • Glass Morphism

All these effects and 3D graphics can make the homepage and the website creative; the users are always searching for such design techniques. This is the best way to convert the audience into customers.

2- Use Gradient and Visual Effect

It is an amazing coloring technique that gives a memorable impact on the users. This is becoming a trend for high-definition websites that are significantly pleasing to the eyes.

Gradient and visual effects give rise to the creative website design ideas to grow and expand in a whole different way. Also, leaving such a long-lasting impact that the user can not resist revisiting the website. Fine shading is the new trend.

3- Focus on Better User Experience

This includes the navigation and user interface—other than this, all those responsible for increasing the positive impact on usability. 

This is one of the great creative ideas. Audiences like the quick-running applications and websites. It is important to concentrate on the front and backend technologies to reduce the chance of crashing. 

4- Add More Colors and Themes

A whole new way of speaking colors. No matter what type of website it is, adding colors can make it energetic and influential. No one wants to scroll through the dull and rough homepages that don’t have defined content and color coordination’s.

Among all the other creative website design ideas, get it cloud and make it electric is an excellent approach. This explains the concept so well that the person doesn’t have to put extra ones to understand the nature of the website.

5- Make it Typographic Design

Typography is the new art in the designing industry. The design can be interesting, yet it can be more simple at the same time. The claiming and minimalist design can add extra tons of generating profits from the website. 

The bold and large text can make the homepages of a client’s website more appealing. Try to make this method more useful by applying and taking the website reach to the next level.

6- Go for Interactive Animations

Animation has the great power to grab more users. Therefore, this is a huge opportunity for the developer to change the boring content into the most outstanding one. 

To fulfill this, adding animated videos will be the best thing for maximizing the ranking of clients’ websites.

7- Include Vintage Font and Textures

This is unbelievably the most extraordinary technique to increase the worth of any website. Also, many users still want to feel the nostalgia of old fonts and textures. For this purpose, make them closely check on creative website design ideas and enjoy an amazing experience.

One of the breathtaking vintage effects qualities is to engage more audiences. The client’s website will grow and flourish within no time with the help of such useful advancements. 

8- Engaging Layouts and Images

It is an old way with a new twist. This feature will not only boost the website but also make consistent users out of it. In addition, the creative website design ideas and implementation will open new doors for the digital industry to grow.

9- Get the Logo Designing Right

The logo represents the brand image and the idea behind it. Users around the world get impressed because of the clear concept greeting from the simplest yet aesthetic design.

It is a useful way to generate more audience and grab their attention. Also, to increase awareness. 

10- A Sneak Peak Tour is Must

All these creative website design ideas are to make the users understand your website and business. This can ever be explained better than recording the whole tour about the company and how they are struggling to make their presence. Also, highlight what sort of service/ products they provide.

11- Apply Engaging Content Strategy

The world of content is expanding day by day. It is impossible to neglect this fact. 

Content is the latest trend that can turn any unknown website into the most popular one. The strategy behind this is that the count provides complete information about any product or services a business is offering. 

12- Create Call to Actions Buttons

This is a life-changing experience. The designers who add more creative website design ideas are more likely to develop and engage the audience. 

Furthermore, Call to actions buttons are the game-changers. Their presence on any website can double the return. Any client would be more than happy to see this added feature. 

What are the Advantages of Creative Website Design Ideas?

The more impressive it is, the greater the conversion rate will be. On the other hand, fascinating and creative website design ideas are the best way to seize the audience. Also, the significance is huge in developing a good audience.

It is very simple to figure out the significance. Have a look!

  • A good design helps in generating more traffic.
  • The process makes the customers consistent.
  • It allows the users to build trust and belief.
  • Variety in designs brings consistent users.

These are just a few major ones that highlight the importance and advantages. But it is much more than they are described here. 

Sky’s the Limit

As every client is different, it is always better to stick to the instructions given. However, A digital website should tell more about the services and products to engage the users. It should represent different aspects of the topic and also describe the purpose very well.



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