11 Tips for Moving: Save Money and Avoid Stress

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Moving can be a trying and overwhelming event. Not only are you dealing with the stress of packing up all your belongings, but people on the move in the Columbus, Ohio area also have to worry about finding affordable professional companies to avoid scams by shady firms. This blog post provides 11 tips for both saving money and avoiding stress when moving.

1.    Make Movers in Columbus (Ohio) Your Friends:

Movers in Columbus, Ohio, can be great friends to have. If you’re not sure where to start looking for movers and how much they’ll cost, ask family/friends if they’ve ever used any movers or companies before. The chances are that they will know someone who has recently moved and may even recommend the company’s name. This way, you won’t feel so anxious about scamming because you already have someone reliable working with you on this big life event.

2.     Find Out What Days of the Week is cheapest for movers Columbus Ohio:

There isn’t one specific day of the week that movers rates are going to be lower. Different movers have different “peak” days, but the cheapest day of the week for movers in Columbus (Ohio) is usually a weekday when most people aren’t moving. For example, movers on Fridays may charge more because it’s one of their busiest days, and they know you don’t want your move delayed/canceled, which will cost more money.

3.    Make Sure Movers in Columbus (Ohio) Provide Insurance:

When hiring movers in Columbus, Ohio, make sure they carry liability insurance if you  damage or break anything while moving from location A to B. It’s also good practice to get renters or homeowner’s insurance, so even if something does get broken, you’ll be covered.

4.    Don’t Just Make a List of Valuables:

When looking for trustworthy movers in Columbus (Ohio) don’t just make a list of only the items you consider the most valuable things you have in your home/apartment.  Shady movers are going to try and take advantage of you when that’s all you show them and then raise their prices when moving these items from place A to B. Instead, make a list of ALL the possessions you want to take with you to your next home – before moving day so movers won’t think they can get more money out of you for “additional items.” Conscientious firms will only give you an estimate AFTER they have done an inspection and drawn up their own list of things to be moved.

Shady mover will use the limited list to give you a “lowball price” and then hit you with “additional charges and fees” based on the much larger number of possessions they move for you. Just remember – “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” If movers are offering meager rates on the limited list but CHARGING for everything BUT and NOT giving you an itemized list of all goods ..that’s usually an indicator of something suspicious.

5.    Determine What Type of movers in Columbus (Ohio) You Want:

There are different types of firms in Columbus, Ohio, that you can choose from when hiring movers. For example, if you’re moving to another state/province or country, it will cost more than just a local move within the same city or area. Local movers can typically be hired for much cheaper than long-distance moving companies because they will have lower expenses for personnel, travel, and vehicle usage compared to moving a long distance, especially for interstate travel. Do your research before choosing which type of mover will best fit your needs!

6.    Avoid Using Cash When Paying Movers in Columbus (Ohio):

When movers are ready to be paid after the move is finished, avoid paying them with cash. Some companies will ask for money “upfront” and offer a “discount” for cash.  Don’t even think of doing that!  Prepayment in cash will make it easy for shady movers to take advantage of you by running off with your money instead of completing the job they were hired to do! Pay movers via check, credit card, or online payment transfer (like PayPal,) That way if there are any questions or demands for more payment. You have proof that movers that did their job were paid for all the services for which they were contracted.

7.    Point Out the Heavier Boxes to Your Columbus Movers

When your movers show up and begin carrying items out of your home, make sure you point out which boxes are the heaviest boxes to them so they know which ones they are. If movers are experienced, they will take the heaviest boxes last.  That way they don’t have to carry these heavy boxes up flights of stairs or off the truck and then unload them last, when they are tired. It’ll be easier for everyone involved to provide this information.  Remember – movers want this job done as quickly as possible with no complications, so provide movers with all the information that might help speed things along.

8.    Get movers in Columbus (Ohio) to Label Boxes:

Having movers label boxes helps them know exactly where everything goes when they get there. If you don’t have proper labels on each box, it can cause many problems during the move. For example, suppose you’ve labeled a particular box as “kitchen stuff” but haven’t provided any other information about what’s inside that box.

In that case, movers may take it upon themselves to unpack and repack things at their discretion, potentially leading to mistakes being made. It also applies to fragile items such as glassware or dishes! Labeling boxes is something everyone should do, so movers understand how important these items are and treat them accordingly. Asking movers to label boxes is also an excellent way for movers in Columbus, Ohio, to know how long the move will take. If movers know what’s inside each box without having to open it up and rummage around, they can estimate much more manageability when trying to determine time requirements!

9.    Find out if Movers Have Insurance:

If movers in Columbus, Ohio, don’t have insurance coverage for your goods and something happens to your furniture during the move (while they were carrying it or loading/unloading their truck), you’re going to be out of luck – especially if something gets broken or goes missing. It’s essential that you feel confident and secure because you have coverage – AND that includes coverage for property damage and Workers company in case of injury.  They need to provide you complete information and offer damage insurance options to you because it protects you from any potential damage done by your movers.

If a mover has an accident while moving your items, they know you have paid for coverage on your goods. While most movers do carry general liability insurance and Workers Comp for damage to property and accidents to their crew, make sure you ask them about specific types of protection along with how much extra money they’ll charge per hour for added services. A little bit more cash spent on movers with insurance can go a long way in the end.

10. Know What YOU Need to Do When Moving Movers Into and/or out of Columbus, Ohio 

Before hiring movers, make sure you know what movers will and won’t do. For example – movers should be able to pad all furniture before loading it onto a truck, so no damage occurs during transportation by movers. Make sure you also take care of bills for additional services or utilities that need to be turned off at your old homes AND that the last tenant at the place you’re moving into has paid for all the services they used, such as electricity or water and others.  Make sure that you arrange to pay for all your services as well – before you move! The last thing anyone wants is to receive an absurdly high electric bill from leaving behind unpaid bills for city services like lights and running water.

It’s the same with movers – doing your homework and checking and double-checking movers will and won’t do is a great way to avoid any potentially expensive or lengthy phone calls down the road. During an on-site inspection, make sure any prospective movers in Columbus, Ohio walk you through an inventory of all your items in question so everything ends up where it should be.

11. Keep Your Communication Lines Open:

If moving companies you are considering in Columbus, Ohio, don’t return phone calls, it’s probably best to move on without hiring them and only deal with moving companies who are more professional. It’s also essential that movers understand anything unique about your home that needs attention – for example, you might need movers to park their truck out of the way because parking spaces are tight! Always keep communication lines open with movers, so everyone knows exactly what they’re getting into before moving day arrives.

Make sure that the movers you hire will take care of your possessions – and wrap all furniture before loading it onto a truck, so no damage occurs during transportation.

Only work with a Columbus moving company that communicates well and will take extreme good care of your goods moving in and out as well as in transit to your new home.


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