10 Top M-commerce Features Your Mobile App Should Have In 2023

M-commerce Features

Even in the world of e-commerce, one has to accept that the mobile revolution has taken over and that it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Marketers and developers have responded by moving their products online in an attempt to grab some of the m-commerce pie before it’s too late.

Mobile apps are now part of our daily lives and we expect them to meet our needs from anywhere, anytime and on any device. All while keeping us entertained and informed at the same time.

What is M-commerce?

M-commerce (short for mobile commerce) is the ability to conduct business transactions via a smartphone or tablet device. This includes payment, retail and logistics, ordering and delivery services, marketing campaigns, social media advertising, and many other functions.

Some customers prefer m-commerce over shopping on the desktop because it saves time by automating routine tasks like finding items on a website and choosing which items to purchase.

Growth of M-Commerce

By 2025, that figure is forecasted to grow almost twofold, amounting to approximately 710 billion U.S. dollars. In the coming years, e-commerce overall should account for a growing proportion of retail sales in the North American country.
It is forecasted that in 2024, the revenue from m-commerce will go up to 105.28 billion British pounds.

Reasons why you should invest in M-commerce Solutions

Increased Customer Engagement

M-commerce is successful because it allows customers to engage with the company on a level that they don’t with brick and mortar stores. A retailer can have a website, mobile application, social media presence, and push notifications to their customers – all of which will give them more opportunities to engage with the customer.

The benefit of using an m-commerce store as opposed to online shopping is the convenience of being able to access your account anywhere at any time.

New Business Opportunities

Investing in an m-commerce solution opens up a number of new business opportunities, such as:

Being able to interact with your customers whenever they’re awake and looking for products; more time on the front end of their relationship with you.

Increased brand recognition. The faster that you can increase awareness of your company and its products, the better off it will be. A much quicker way to do this is through having a mobile app or website than relying on traditional advertising and marketing techniques.

Strengthen Brand Awareness

M-commerce solutions make it easy for customers to order products and services, find out about discounts and promotions, purchase items, and track shipments via their mobile devices. Brand awareness is an extremely important part of any business plan.

Mobile marketing can be a great way to drive traffic to your website or your brick and mortar location by utilizing SMS text messaging campaigns as well as social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If you want to increase the online visibility of your company, mobile marketing might be the best way to go.

Better Consumer Insights

Businesses are looking for more and more data these days, and nothing is easier to collect than customer feedback. Engaging with customers on a digital level is valuable for so many reasons. Collecting feedback allows you to look into customer behaviors and preferences to make changes where necessary, better understand what makes your customers tick, and figure out how to best serve their needs.

10 Top M-commerce features and beyond your mobile app should have in 2023

1) Offer flexible payment options

Payment platforms can be quite technical, but offering flexible payment options will give you a leg up on the competition. Payment processing is a competitive market and it’s important to offer as many choices for customers as possible.

Flexible payment options will also help create an easier checkout process for your users, which is always a plus.With iOS platforms, hire iOS app developers that allow to integrate Apple wallets to send money securely.

2) Don’t forget about personalization

Personalization is a core customer expectation that brands must meet. Brands are shifting away from transaction commerce to relationship commerce, so the goal of customer interactions becomes less about making one-time sales and more about establishing long-term customer relationships.

In order to establish meaningful relationships with customers, personalization becomes paramount. Brands will need to provide tailored experiences for each individual person or do everything they can to show that what they offer is not just on product or service.

3) Create an all-inclusive checkout experience

An all-inclusive checkout experience means the removal of any bottlenecks or surprises throughout the transaction process.

In other words, customers need to see their total order cost and pay before selecting additional items. They also need to be able to track orders online while they’re still in progress.

4) Keep customers informed with notifications

Push notifications are a great way to reach out to customers that interact with your business regularly. By reaching out to them via notifications, you can let them know about the latest deals, upcoming events, and recent updates.

5) Improve the overall user experience

M-commerce offers a lot of benefits that traditional online shopping does not, but what makes these services stand out is their ability to engage consumers in an easier and more personalized way.

Online shoppers can read about new products, add them to wish lists and share with friends, whereas m-consumers are able to see the details of the products and make purchase decisions right from their phones or tablets.

6) Search items by entering keywords

Integrate a feature to make the user experience more streamlined by searching items through typing keywords.

More specifically, instead of being required to enter individual words into a search bar, when the users start typing, they can browse items that match what you’ve typed up until that point.

7) Allow shoppers download the content onto their device for offline access

While the original intent of a mobile application was to provide quick access and convenience while you are on the go, many apps now offer offline mode where users can download content onto their device for offline viewing.

By giving shoppers the ability to download content onto their devices, you create more opportunities for them to engage with your brand.

8) Use a chatbot interface for greater customer support

A chatbot is an excellent way to provide great customer service. With Chatbox, you can reply to tickets within minutes of receiving them, without having to spend any extra time opening up the ticket or reading through it.

This saves you precious time, and it also speeds up responses so that customers get the help they need more quickly.

9) Integrate geolocation tracking

The evolving world of m-commerce will lead to new and innovative features. One of the more interesting features to keep an eye on is geolocation tracking.

Geolocation tracking provides merchants with opportunities for digital rewards as well as in-store offers.

For example, if a customer is shopping at their favorite restaurant, the app can provide them with exclusive special offers based on what they’re ordering or suggest things they might like that are nearby.

10) Video or 3D Product Demos

Video demos of how the apps work can be a great way to promote an app. 3D product demos are also beneficial for customers who want to get a closer look at the different product options without having to deal with any form of customer service representative.

Using these tools, shoppers can see the various specifications and make their own informed decisions about which items are best for them. In this case, video or 3D product demos would be appropriate in order to help generate more sales and consumer engagement.


With the advancements of eCommerce, apps are making it easier for people to shop from their phone. If you’re thinking about updating your mobile app, check out these ten top m-commerce features. With these features, you can stay ahead of the curve and create a new way for consumers to shop from their phones. Depending on platforms, there are iOS and Android app developer for hire to transform your mcommerce idea into reality.

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