10 Tips to Protect Yourself from the Hay Fever this Season

Protect Yourself from the Hay Fever this Season

Allergies are annoying for everyone, and yet there is no way we can eliminate their risk. The hay fever season is around the corner, with the pollens ready to cause a series of problems. The symptoms of hay fever range from sneezing and coughing to severe headache.

The hay fever season arrives as soon as the number of pollens in the atmosphere increases. You can take precautions to reduce the chances of catching the allergy significantly. Here, we have mentioned some tips to protect your body from hay fever this season.

  1. Check the Pollen Forecast

The most favourable months for hay fever are from March to September. This is the time when the pollen count is at its peak in the atmosphere. If the pollen count is too high, refrain yourself from going outside.

The majority of people need to go to the office or some other essential places during the day. They should protect the nose and eyes from pollen in the atmosphere with sunglasses and mask. You can contact money lenders in Dublin if you want money to cover the cost of protective measures.

  1. Take a Shower After Returning

Pollens from outside are still a concern if they land in your hairs or clothes. They can spread in the house when you take out the clothes or run a hand through your hairs. There will be no mask or sunglasses to protect, and you may catch a fever.

Therefore, prepare a nice bath after you enter the home. This will help against the disease, including hay fever. And you will experience relief from the stress caused by a tedious day at work.

  1. Take Care of the Nose

The pollens can infiltrate your body through the nasal cavity. You cannot block the path, but you can clean it at regular intervals. Use a saline solution to clean your nose. Make sure the solution is preservative-free.

It will take only 5 minutes from your busy schedule, but the results are incredibly effective. This washes away the irritants in your nose that need not be pollens. However, make sure to contact a medical practitioner if symptoms start to appear.

  1. Wear a Mask

A mask will not only protect you from hay fever but a long list of viral and bacterial diseases. They protect the mouth and nose from irritants. At the same time, they keep the contagious elements from the sick people within a specific limit.

They are readily available in the nearest stores and comes in various designs. You should never wear the same mask for two consecutive days. Even the reusable ones are required to wash before they are used again and again.

  1. Invest in House-Proofing

Yes, you can allergy-proof a home with some creative and technological solutions. The aim is to reduce the amount of air coming inside from the outside world. Start with closing down the windows and doors, do not open them unnecessarily.

The rugs or throw pillows are some objects that catch pollen very easily. Store them in a safe space until the number of pollens in the atmosphere decrease. An air purifier is a good investment, you can get instant 24-hour loans to buy one.

  1. Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol drinks will only make the situation worse if you catch some irritants in the season. It is time to cut the drinks if you are a regular drinker. This is because of the histamine in alcoholic drinks.

It triggers the natural allergic reaction that leads to hay fever because of the pollen and other irritants. Your symptoms will get worse, making the condition even more annoying. Nevertheless, you can increase the intake of fruit, lemon, and ginger teas to get some relief.

  1. Manage Stress

The stress level has a direct impact on your immunity and sensitivity towards illness. Even a slight number of pollens can trigger the symptom if you are already fighting overwhelming stress. Therefore, make sure your mind and body are resting enough during the hay fever season.

You can meditate and yoga at home without the need of going outside in the park. Spend some time with your family with movies night. Again, prepare yourself a soothing bath after a stressful day at work.

  1. Keep an Eye on Other Irritants

Pollens are not the only irritants that are floating in the atmosphere and causing hay fever. Many other pollutants require attention at the same level. These include smoke, traffic fumes, insecticides, and paint.

These are only a few from the long list of pollutants that cause hay fever and other diseases. Wear a mask and sunglasses whenever you find yourself near them. Many people catch hay fever because they are unaware of these pollutants.

  1. Check the Car’s Air Conditioner

Run the air conditioner of your car with the vents facing away for 10 to 15 minutes. It may sound surprising, but the car air conditioner is a significant reason for spreading the pollens in a very closed area. Your car will be free from the pollens within 10-15 minutes of running the air conditioner.

  1. Add Honey to the Diet

You need to strengthen the immune system with some natural tricks to reduce the symptoms. People are using honey for a purpose for an unknown time. Therefore, you should add honey to the diet if you want to build a natural line of defence against pollen.


In the end, your efforts will certainly reduce the chances of catching hay fever because of the pollens. You can only try since there is no sure way of preventing it. It is entirely okay if you still catch it even after following every tip in the book.


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