10 Tips to Grow Your Business on Instagram

Business on Instagram

The business world is growing every day with the help of new technologies. One of the most impact technological innovations in the past decade has definitely been the rise of social media, which has turned into an irreplaceable tool for business growth. Social media promotions have single-handedly set many brands onto the path of success by helping them gain a trustworthy customer base. This quality is especially phenomenal for homegrown businesses. 

Whether it is an e-commerce platform, an independent fashion boutique, or a local mystery rooms bangalore business- every organisation can harness the power of social media to curate effective marketing strategies and convert leads into sales for growth. Instagram, in particular, has been gaining a central stage among the biggest social platforms, especially for organisations that want to cater to a younger, more informed audience. 

Why is Digital Marketing Necessary? 

Digital marketing is not just a tool for business promotion but a necessary strategy point that any business-small or large- should take into account for relevance. Most people today make their purchase decisions depending on the information they find on the internet. It can be the brand’s own page, or third-party reviews, or expert blogs, or unboxing YouTube videos- the truth is that the fate of your business relies heavily on its associated content that is out there on the web.  

Digital marketing ensures that every trace of your brand’s existence on the internet can contribute towards lead conversion. The focus is majorly on social media platforms because billions of people are making purchases as a result of targeted advertising and marketing. Digital marketing helps you get into your audience’s most intimate circles and create an impact like no other. And that is the baseline of every digital marketing strategy- customised consumer satisfaction. 

How to Grow Your Business on Instagram? 

Instagram has become one of the strongest marketing tools, especially for smaller businesses with budget constraints. There are many useful features for business owners on the platform that can help them grow their ventures. Let’s have a look at some of the effective ways you can harness the potential of Instagram to boost your business: 

1. Set a Primary Aim: 

Have a clear vision of why you have chosen to grow your business through an online medium. Set goals and targets you would like to achieve when you are investing in digital marketing. This can be in the form of followers, likes, shares, and more. Some other goals you can focus on can be to increase brand awareness, build a strong community, showcase the company’s culture or sell products and services. Write these goals and monitor them throughout the process, to keep a check on your success. Doing this will help you to be more intentional as to why you are investing time and money into this.  

2. Find Your Aesthetic: 

Most of the small businesses that work through Instagram try to channel every possible way to grow the business. While this is important, choosing a particular niche and genre to present your ideas is also crucial. Instagram is the game of visuals- the more innovatively you present an idea, the greater the traffic will be on your page. Pay attention to all things like how you are posting and the colour palette. For example, you can fixate on using bright colours or a dark aesthetic theme. A mixture of both can be chaotic and negatively impact traffic. 

3. Optimise the use of hashtags: 

Hashtags are the backbone of Instagram marketing. The more you master the art of hash tagging, the better your page traffic will be. The right mixture of global, local, and niche hashtags can not only help your target audience find your business but also boost your products on the explore page. This can bring in a whole new surge of potential buyers onto your page.  

4. Engage with your Community: 

People only stay on your page if they feel connected to it. The best way to do it is by the use of Instagram stories. The new stickers or pools help in engaging the audience and make them feel as if they are a part of your brand. You must respond to the comments and share your true self with your customers. You can go ahead by playing around with questions, sliding scale ranking, sounds, and more.   

5. Experiment and Explore: 

Optimise the time you spend on Instagram by looking at your competitions. This would help you to look for what is trending and use it to grow your own business. The Instagram algorithm is evil, and if you use it correctly, it can be really handy. This can include videos, reels, stories, or IGTV videos.   

6. Analyse your results: 

When you use so many ideas, you must look for what suits you the best. While you must experiment with your ideas, utilising them and analysing the results is also important. You should look at how many followers are engaging with your content, which reels or posts are doing good, or which need more work. The Instagram algorithms tool is a great way to do this.  

7. Optimise your profile: 

The first thing that someone would see when they look at your page is how well the brand page looks. Make the best use of your bio, descriptions, and posts. Instagram also offers some extra features to expand your profile. You can include the contact information, brand’s profile, links, or shopping websites.  

8. Be consistent: 

This is probably the most important thing you need to adhere to while growing your business on Instagram. If you don’t post regularly, Instagram will push your content far below. And hence posting regularly and at prime times becomes important. Stick to a regular schedule of posting so that the customers know when they will be getting fresh content.  

9. Do Instagram Lives:

Instagram Live is also very important when you are helping to grow your business. The live sessions help you interact with your customers more openly and know how they feel about your brand. This also gives a better picture of your personality and getting instant feedback.   

10. Host Giveaways: 

Giveaways are yet another important aspect that will help you form trust with your customers. Giveaways can also help you increase the reach of your page through shares and engagement. Team up with influencers or pay a token of respect to the customers for their loyalty towards your brand. 


These are some of the measures by which you can grow your business online and form a trustworthy customer base. Try these out, and who knows, you might be the next million-dollar business on Instagram! 





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