10 things You Need to Know About Timber Flooring in Sydney


Nowadays, timber flooring in Sydney is on the wish list of nearly every homeowner because of its attractiveness, elegance, and pleasant look. If the installation of the hardwood floor is carried out wisely, you can enjoy timber flooring for years to come.

Benefits of Timber flooring in Sydney

Here we have listed the advantages of all types of timber flooring, i.e., Oak, Bamboo, Solid, Engineered, etc. Make sure that you have made the right choice of your supplier and installer.

  1. Quality and Stability 

When you have carpets in your home, it gets stained with mud, foot traffic, and ultimately gets shabby within a shorter period of time. But wooden floors are durable. With a little cost on maintenance, you can keep up the shine and look of your floors for years to come

  1. Low-Cost Maintenance 

Again, when compared to carpets, timber flooring is easier to keep spick and span. Obviously, a simple brush or light vacuum can keep your wooden floors looking great. If foot and animal traffic dragged mud, it is easier to get rid of it with easy mopping.

  1. It Ensures Hygiene 

Timber floors tend to be more sanitized, neat, and clean than carpets when it comes to hygiene. Some fairly dismaying reports illustrate that there are many parasites that carpets can harbor. Also, over time, the fiber of the carpet gets scruffy, so it will invite allergen-producing dust mites, vermin, or dust to reside and ultimately play havoc. A floor, on the other hand, will save you eat your money and discomfort. This is particularly important to note for those who have pets.

  1. Keep the Odour Away

With time as dust and allergens get accumulated on the carpet, and many produce a foul-smelling from animals, wooden floors pose no such threats. Instead, the aroma of polish ad sanding gives an aesthetic look and feel at the same time all around. Timber flooring keeps the unpleasant odors away as the years go by.

  1. Underfloor Heating

In winters or even mild cooler days, timber offers a natural and incredible thermal feeling. This way, it keeps you away from the cost of electric or gas heaters.

  1. Please Your Wallet 

Installing and refitting your carpet can be a big investment. As getting dull after a long time is normal with wooden floors, but with timber flooring, you can save a lot of amounts with a simple coating or polishing. It will get you back the pristine shine of floors and the beautiful look of your home decor.

  1. Endless Elegance 

When enlisting the advantages of wood flooring, people may look past the ageless beautify of timber has. It is important to note that tiles and carpets go in and out of fashion with time. Their color and shine also get lost despite all the costly care. But with wood timber, you don’t have to make commitments and don’t need to be afraid of aggressive wear and tear.

  1. Easy to Obtain 

Initially, wood was thought to be a very wealthy option. But with its emerging needs for in-home finishes and durability, many production houses have made access to wood flooring easier and satisfying.

  1. Warmth and feel

The pleasure, comfort, and peace of mind you can get from the timber flooring under your feet, you can’t get from the stone and tile floors.

  1. Resale Value 

Finally, resailing a property is really a subject of matter for every property or homeowner, but with timber flooring in Sydney, Estate agents can help you get the twice value of your home as compared to floor finishes with tiles and stone. And there is no doubt that the value of your home does directly increase as a result of fitting a wooden floor.

Why is Bamboo Flooring Breaking New Grounds?

Bamboo flooring is not new to floor finishes. However, due to its plenty of benefits, it seldom overshadows modern timber flooring. The comparison is given below;

  • Longevity 


Due to durability and water-resistant contemporary timber flooring requires minimal maintenance. Timber floors can endure more wear and tear than many other materials. The shortcoming is, scratches show up easily from sharp objects.

Broadly speaking, your timber can withstand for years and can be maintained at low costs. Its ability to resist stains and dampness is appraisable.


It is an extremely durable material for flooring. Bamboo flooring can last from ten to twenty years, depending on the quality of the bamboo you have installed. This product can even last for half a century if resurfaced and maintained properly.

  • Upkeep


As described earlier, the maintenance of timber is not stressful at all. Just a wipe can get you away from all the unwanted germs and stains. Also, over decades if it gets dull, refinishing is still better than replacing it.



It offers the best value for your time and money, being one of the easiest materials to look after, withstanding excess foot traffic and everyday tumbles.

  • Style 


It is no doubt versatile and adds so much to the vibe of the surrounding space. Their different chic allows the owner to choose from with ease according to your budget and choice.


If you want exotic, warm, and sophisticated surroundings yet modern touch that is incredibly versatile and adaptable too, it will be difficult for you to look past bamboo flooring in Sydney.

Horizontal bamboo planks can adjust next to each other, facing in a horizontal direction. Vertical bamboo planks are positioned vertically, and strand-woven bamboo planks are made from remaining bamboo strands.

  • Cosiness 


Hardwoods are comfy than bamboo flooring. Walking on it is comfortable. Its low thermal conductivity makes it warmer than other floor finishes, i.e., tiles or stone.

Timber also helps to maintain room temperature since it’s a natural insulator. It prevents heat from escaping during winter and keeps it outside during the summer.

This makes your home more comfortable year-round!


This is true that this flooring option is extremely strong but offers less comfort than timber underfoot. It is actually based on the quality of bamboo. It is noteworthy that bamboo can be an all-time healer for those who are suffering from allergies in the family. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and doesn’t attract grime.

  • Price 


When compared to bamboo, the price of timber flooring is fairly higher. This is because the process of maturing timber is slow. It can take up to two decades to turn the timber into lush-push flooring. Also, you have to pay more for installing as the process is also very labor-intensive.


This is quite an affordable option with visually appealing and robustness. Also, it takes 3 to five years to mature usually. Generally, bamboo per square meter costs from $2-$8.

In a nutshell, when switching to timber flooring, you can make the decision according to your comfort and necessity. The timber, on the whole, is the best choice to make, and if you narrow down your search to bamboo flooring, it can save you a lot of time and money with the provision of maximum visual appeal and hygiene.



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