10 Most Instagrammable Places in Europe


With picturesque locations serving as a cherry on top of this continent comprising a rich historical aura and numerous adventure activities, this setting ranks on the top of everyone’s travel bucket list. Positioned in the Northern and Eastern Hemisphere is Europe, which not only encompasses magical cities within but eye-catching ones that leave the vacationists with unforgettable memories. If clicking enchanting snaps of aesthetic settings is your desire then knowing the top 10 Instagrammable places in Europe will serve you as a benefit, which is what this guide is all about!

city beside body of water during daytime

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Top 10 Instagram-able locations in Europe:

  1. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  2. Santorini, Greece
  3. English Countryside
  4. Nice, France
  5. Reykjavik, Iceland
  6. Barcelona, Spain
  7. Prague, Czech Republic
  8. Ascona, Switzerland
  9. Faro, Portugal
  10. Eastern Europe

1. Get lost in the magic of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Popularly known as the City of Red rooftops and the Pearl of Adriatic, located on the Adriatic coast is a city that not only holds a rich past but also enchanting sceneries that you can never forget. From the sun setting on the dazzling crystal clear waters, magnificent Baroque churches to the enchanting white lime-stoned old town that is restricted to pedestrians only, the city of Dubrovnik is perfection in a nutshell. Not just picture-worthy, this setting caters to everyone, whose interest lies in learning about the history, engaging in the city’s culture, romance freaks and Instagram enthusiasts. If you are someone who has a keen eye for magnificent views, then Dubrovnik in Croatia is a must to visit.

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2. Explore the beauty of Santorini, Greece

If magic is what you seek, then Santorini is the place to explore. Enchanting as it is, the island not only encompasses surreal sunset views but also the unfathomable beauty of the beaches that are surrounded by black and red volcanic sand. From the city of Fira nestled at the peak of the volcano to the village of Oia, located at the volcanic crater, the blue tombed, white-splashed houses, while completing the beauty of the hillsides, also overlooks the deep blue sea which is a view that cannot be missed. By simply hopping on a boat, you can witness paradise that not only comprises aesthetic beauty which will serve as a model for your snaps but also a magnificent aura. With such a package, to miss out on exploring such a venue is unfair, so make sure while planning a trip to Europe, you sneak a glance at Santorini in Greece. 

city beside body of water during daytime

Image Courtesy- Unsplash

3. The storybook vibe of the English Countryside

With magnificent churches spread across the city of nature, to visit this setting full of love, history, and pure bliss, is a must. From steep hills complemented with lush greenery, to villages that are aptly fairy-tale like, not to forget the aesthetic paths that connect structures, the English Countryside is full of picturesque sceneries. Be it, active nightlife, or marvellous museums, the city that houses snap-worthy beachside huts, is an absolute delight. Witness the magic of nature complemented with rural-like structures in this city that will not only bless you with an unforgettable experience but also provide you with an opportunity to click magnificent snaps. The English Countryside is a paradise in a nutshell and one must, at all costs, pay a visit here. 

4. Visit the crystal waters of Nice, France

Serving as a highlight is the French Riviera where you can witness the blissful aura of the city, marvellous depiction of their culture and the enchanting beaches. With the numerous shopping boutiques, restaurants serving mouth-watering dishes complemented with magnificent structures, the city of Nice in France is a must explore. Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the French Alps, this city caters to everyone’s desires. From booking a yacht to exploring the delectable drinks and delicious food of the Promenade des Anglais, this city is marked as an epitome of picturesque sceneries, the images of which you can flood on your social media. A water paradise as Nice in France is known, is a must explore for all vacationists.

 5.The surreal vibe of Reykjavik, Iceland

Known for its iconic attraction, the Northern lights is the city of comfort mixed with chaos. From beautiful cafes, aesthetic structures to marvellous shopping boutiques, the Scandinavian influence in this city of Reykjavik in Iceland makes it one such picturesque location that is highly snap-worthy. A blend of harsh surroundings and warm aura, this setting is positioned on the south coast of Iceland. To explore this city of Reykjavik in Iceland is to experience magic so, don’t fail to visit this wonderful site where not only you can take advantage of the spectacular vibe but also enjoy the sceneries that can be snapped.

6. The vibrance of Barcelona, Spain

Witnessing a city filled with colours, stories, love, and happiness, is an unforgettable experience. A setting where every structure speaks a tale and holds a unique aura, not to forget the eye-pleasing built, is the city of Barcelona. From stress-relieving nature parks, restaurants and cafes serving delicious delicacies to architectures belonging to the Gothic and Renaissance era, this location screams picturesque beauty. Where you can witness the magnificent Mediterranean lights, interesting fountain dances, as well as the enchanting crystal beaches, is a place full of wonders. A treat for Instagram enthusiasts, this setting of Barcelona in Spain not only offers spots that are absolute snap-worthy but also a vibe that leaves a mark in your heart, so do not forget to visit this piece of beauty.

7. Indulge in the magnificence of Prague, Czech republic

Excelling in romance is the city that is not only culturally rich and but also possesses a magnificent aura. Dive in the past of the city of Prague in the Czech republic while walking down the rough but organized paths complemented with high street lamps and historically rich structures. From exploring the Charles bridge to visiting the aesthetical crafter museums, it serves as an absolute delight to anyone who seeks picturesque sceneries. A city that spreads magic like confetti, complemented with magnificent archaeological structures and historically enriched art that is picture-worthy, is a must to explore.

8. Leap into the gorgeous town of Ascona, Switzerland

Famous for its magnificent coastline of Lake Maggiore that is complemented with a spacious promenade comprising marvellous archaeological structures, open-roofed restaurants serving palatable dishes and drinks, and an unforgettable aura. Formerly known as a fishing village, the city of Ascona in Switzerland is now a most sought-after tourist setting. Having the aesthetics of the 16th century is the Old Town that is full of marvellous pathways, culturally rich art galleries and enchanting boutiques which serves as a delight to sore eyes. Positioned in the south of Switzerland, is the venue of Ascona, which has a magnificent aura with the most beautiful spots that are hard to miss.

9. Experience the elegance of Faro, Portugal

The hometown of the most iconic footballer, Christiano Ronaldo is the setting that excels in offering soothing music, marvellous views of the beaches and aesthetic structures. From witnessing the magnificent representations of art and culture to experiencing the beauty of turquoise beaches, not to forget the lively nightlife, is the city of Faro in Portugal. Apart from this is the Ria Formosa Park that comprises the gorgeous sand dunes, picturesque islands, clear water lagoons and magnificent archaeological structures that is snap-worthy. Known as the old town in this city, is the Cidade Velha that not only has an architecture inspired by the Portuguese culture, age-old carved walls but also intriguing museums, marvellous shopping boutiques and cafes and restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes, making the entire visit aesthetically pleasing. Visiting this location of Faro not only pumps up your mood but also provides for magical images that can feature on your feed.

10. Feel the grandeur of Eastern Europe

Known as the land of glitter and dust, exploring the city that excels in offering spectacular sceneries complemented with the rich essence of its history, culture and is a must. Marking as the most sought-after destination in the continent of magic is Eastern Europe. From beaches dotted with white sand, historically enriched villages, to aesthetic modern restaurants and cafes serving delicious delicacies, this city excels in all fields. Having a naturalistic aspect such as lush greenery complemented with never-ending forests, attached to the location, makes this setting even more lucrative. A mixture of picturesque architecture, lively nightlife, magnificent depictions of art and culture, Eastern Europe is a complete package that is a haven for people to witness. A location excelling in eye-pleasing sceneries makes it very important for Instagram enthusiasts to pay a visit.

Known for its picturesque cities that not only have unique cultures but distinctive features to cater to the tourists, the continent of Europe is everyone’s most sought-after location. From aesthetic archaeological structures, marvellous crystal water beaches to enchanting restaurants and cafes serving delicious food, intriguing museum, culturally enriched art, the cities in Europe excel in offering picturesque sceneries. So, what are waiting for? Explore the cities in this aesthetic continent with Pickyourtrail’s Europe trip packages. Hurry up and book away your European tour already and become an insta star with your instgrammable pictures from Europe!



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