10 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid

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Mistakes are part of life and no one can ever say that they have never made any mistake all their lives. An acknowledgment of these mistakes helps us from making the same mistakes again. And when it comes to digital marketing, things are the same. Every enterprise is guilty of making some mistakes. Well, in this blog you will read about 10 mistakes people make in digital marketing all the time. These mistakes are avoidable; however, prior knowledge and intimation of these blunders are important to avoid them down the lane. Let’s take a look at them and also see how we cannot make them.

1.      Forgetting about mobile users

Mobile phones have become a lot more than mobile phones- they are sort of handheld computers because of their usability, performance, and efficiency. Mobiles have become the first tool for doing a quick search. They are becoming the top venue for driving audiences for businesses. While you devise your elegant digital marketing plan, it is important to include mobile users in it. Having a website is not enough. It must be optimized for smartphones so that it can adapt to mobile views. The audience tends to leave a business page if they have to struggle with the website to get to their required information. Many businesses are now making their applications for mobiles so that they can remain more connected with their users. If your budget or nature of business does not allow you to develop an app, the least you can do is have a mobile-friendly website.

2.      Never offering discounts or promotions

The Online Marketing strategies focus a great deal on rewards and incentives. It is important to reward customers because it encourages them to buy from you and if they feel happy they can market your business. If you have put on any sale, it is important to advertise it on all mediums including the digital world. While you do that, make sure that your audience can avail these promotions and discounts online as well. The online sale will allow you to gather bigger responses. Coupons are also a great way to strengthen the relationship with customers, as they help create customer loyalty.

3.      Missing Out on Blogs

Blogging has become a critical aspect of every business and enterprise. Blog helps increase traffic on the website because of the inbound links. Also by putting out valuable information on the blog, you can prepare the soil to build a relationship with your customers. Blogs become another venue for you to interact with your audience. With people’s comments you can further engage with them, and strengthen your ties with customers. Moreover, you can also get feedback from them on your blog. Blogs are valuable content that can be shared on social media as well.

4.      Absence from social media

Social media is a heaven for all businesses. If you are missing out on this venue, you are taking your business to the road of disaster. Every business and brand must be on social media because it does not cost you anything and allows you to interact with your customers. You only have to pay for it if you have opted for paid advertisement or if you have hired someone to manage your business page. Otherwise, it is completely free. Celebrities and those brands who believed that social media is not for them are compelled to change their perspective once they see the power of social media and realize the gravity of this mistake.

5.      Not Using Videos

When we talk about digital media and social media, most people only think about Instagram and Facebook. Well, that’s just a small part of the digital world. YouTube is a major venue for business marketing. Every business must be on YouTube because video content has more reach and more engagement. Also, you can put the YouTube content on other social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter.

Videos help in generating new leads and enhance conversion rates. This is something you must-have for effective digital media marketing.

6.      Not measuring ROI

You might be investing a buck load of money on digital marketing but there is no point in channeling all these funds in a blind well if you don’t know how they translate into revenue generation. It is important to measure ROI (Return on Investment) so that you know for sure if your efforts are bearing any fruit or not. In case something is not working, you can track the loophole and identify the trouble area to fix it. You can use different metrics to determine your marketing ROI. These can be measuring the traffic, leads, click-through rates, conversions, and so on. The ROI can be calculated by subtracting the investment cost from financial gain. The result is then divided by the total cost of your investment.

7.      Not identifying your ideal traffic

A big mistake in digital marketing is to believe that message is for everyone. For that matter, no specific audience is focused on. For an effective marketing campaign, it is important to identify the audience you want to target. You must consider their demographics to devise an effective campaign. Making assumptions on your own is a straightaway blunder and business debacle. A focused group is also called a qualified audience and relevant leads, with higher chances of conversion rate. Targeting everyone is poor channelization of budget and financial resources.

8.      Not commenting on blogs

We have discussed that blogs are a great way to attract more audiences. In addition to that, commenting on your blogs has two-fold advantages. It amps up your SEO game and also serves as a two-way communication channel with your audience. With comments, you can add words to your page that can show up in search queries. Other than this, your customers develop a higher level of trust and reliability because they feel someone is there for them, and there is a human being who can be approachable.

While comments are a great way to cultivate goodwill and customer relationship it is also important not to use blog comments to spam people. Commenting on others’ blogs, professionally, also makes you more visible and promotes your business. The comments must have a professional tone and they should be informative.

9.      Slow website

All your marketing efforts are nothing if your website is slow and takes forever to load. Make sure that your website is image optimized and content optimized so that it loads within seconds. People want an instant response on the internet and if the website is slow they might probably jump to some other website offering the same services. If you have a tight budget, make sure to spend it on website hosting up-gradation instead of digital marketing. In absence of digital marketing, you are only unable to drive new traffic. In the absence of an efficient website, you are losing out not only on new traffic but existing traffic as well, while damaging your business reputation.

10. Spamming

It is important, and really important that you don’t spam your customers. You might be aware of this but it is also possible that you are doing it without even knowing about it. To identify whether you are engaged in spamming or not, go through all the emails you have sent to your audience in the past. Make sure they are helpful, educational, relevant, and new. Don’t send out irrelevant messages to your recipients because they will know you are using their contact information for message broadcast. Relevance is important because it instills a feeling of being cared for and concerned.

Also, ask your audience if they want to listen to you and how frequently they expect to receive an email. Ask them about the monthly newsletter and weekly promotions. Once they have laid out their expectations, make sure to adhere to them.

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