10 Creative Kitchen Space Solutions

kitchen space

Kitchens are innovative spaces for those who love to cook. On the other hand, the organisation also matters when it comes to the kitchen and the reachability of all stuff. If you can’t reach the right product at the right time, then it leads to nothing but frustration. Additionally, your kitchen might run out of space if you don’t take care of the space utilisation.

According to the professional handyman services and plumber in Dubai, enough cabinets and drawers might not seem sufficient due to organisation faults. So, how should you make more space in your kitchen to keep everything in proper order? Here’s how you can smartly create enough kitchen space and make everything functional.

  1. Discard that you don’t Require

Before you make kitchen space essentials, it will be better if you clean out your kitchen. After all, a revamp will be noteworthy if you keep it clean and tidy. So, you should check everything before you put them back on shelves. As per handyman services, you should clean out your kitchen shelves, refrigerator, and wherever you keep food.

Inspect the expiry date of every food item. If anything has gone out of expiry date, then toss them out. On the other hand, if any food item smells stinky or appears stale, then discard them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check out the space under the sink; contact a plumber in Dubai experts’ for professional maintenance.

  1. Find a Reliable Place for All Cleaning Supplies

Are you habituated with all your kitchen space cleaning supplies dumped around the sink or over it? Well, if the area under the sink is full of cleaning supplies, it might create a sense of disgust. Whether it’s a mop or stash broom, you have to place them in their rightful place. So that you can reach them whenever you want. Additionally, they won’t sting your eyes if you have a dedicated cabinet for them.

Moreover, you can place all your necessary kitchen cleaning supplies in the same cabinet. If there is any unused space inside the kitchen cabinet, then you can reuse that space and keep all your cleaning supplies over there.

  1. Use a Plinth Ladder

Modular kitchens come with different types of cabinets. And, some of them are hooked up at the highest point of the kitchen. People of short to medium height might find it difficult to reach those cabinets. To make those cabinets more accessible, you can go for a plinth ladder.

Apart from reaching those cabinets and shelves, you have to regularly dust and clean those cabinets. So, it will be necessary to reach them in a hassle-free way. In addition to this, you have to keep yourself safe. That’s why a plinth ladder will do the work for you. Moreover, it doesn’t take much space, especially if it’s a foldable one.

  1. Hang Cups and Mugs

Every household is full of cups and mugs. So, you might be searching for some extra space to keep your cups and mugs safe and sound. If you place cups and mugs on their sides, then they will require more space. The professionals associated with handyman services and plumber in Dubai have a terrific idea to reduce the space required for cups and mugs.

You can try out this idea for the existing cabinet in your kitchen space. Stacking mugs in the cabinet is not such a competent concept. So, you can install hooks in the existing cupboards of your kitchen. And, then you can easily hang those cups and mugs using those hooks.

  1. Go for a Pegboard

Your kitchen might be running out of space due to the placement of kitchen tools. Whether you are thinking of placing pans, bakeware, and cutting boards, then a pegboard can do the trick. All you need is a basic pegboard from the hardware store.

However, it won’t be stressful while arrange a pegboard for your kitchen. Check out if you already have a pegboard in the garage. You can paint it solid white, and then you can use the pegboard to show off your kitchen tools.

  1. Put Spices in Drawers

Let us guess, your kitchen space is all clutter with disbursed spices and their containers. The sight is not pleasant at all and especially when you are upgrading your kitchen. Try fitting all your kitchen spices and their containers inside the drawer. 

Empty one kitchen drawer and make space for spices over there. Lay all the spice containers down flat inside the drawer. It will take less space. As a bonus, your kitchen will stay out of the clutter.

  1. Make Different Storage as per Products

Whether you are thinking of fresh product storage or dry foods, you can avail compact storage options in your old kitchen. If there’s no space inside the refrigerator to make space for fresh produce storage, then you can go with wire basket drawers. They are already available inside the base cabinets of your kitchen.

Dry foods such as flour, pasta, breadcrumbs, couscous, or anything you like, should be in their appropriate places in the cupboard. Now, you can visualise them easily and access them whenever you need.

  1. Get Dividers for Pans, Baking Sheets, and Lids

Looking for the right space for baking sheets, lids, and pans can be tricky. Almost every cookware or set comes with plenty of lids. Because of their sizes and shapes, you might be thinking about where you should place them. Additionally, they can take up too much space.

Well, organizing all these lids and pans is not a serious issue as long as you can correctly stack them. Now, stacking them one over another, inside any drawer, won’t be a solution. Rather, you can invest in a divider to store lids, pans, and baking sheets. Place that cookware perpendicularly in the divider to the shelf.

  1. Create Cabinets for Weird-Shaped Utensils

There might be a handful of utensils that don’t fit into the drawers of your kitchen. Additionally, you can’t put them on display because of their weird shape and size. If you are looking for enough space for whisks, spoons, spatulas, and other stuff, then you can go for separate storage for them.

Instead of showcasing them, you can make a closet for all those utensils. This is really useful for those utensils that deserve flat storage instead of an upright one.

  1. Include a Magnetic Knife Bar

Do you want to reduce the stress on your drawer due to knives and other cutlery? Then, experts associated with handyman services and plumber in Dubai have an excellent hack for you. You can avail a magnetic knife bar that you can use to hang your cutlery sets.

This will also reduce the chances of getting hurt by knives when you will place them on the magnetic knife bar. Or else, you might get a cut or wound if you place them in a drawer, in case you try to reach them absent-mindedly.

Anything Else?

Kitchen spaces can be utilised in different innovative ways. You can make space for cabinets under the sink. Some homeowners have preferred building hidden space for kitchen accessories. And, you can try them, as well. Go for experts’ suggestions from handyman services or plumber in Dubai and get a new look for your kitchen.


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