10 Brain Hacks to Improve your Concentration at Work

Concentration at Work

At times you might find yourself guilty of not paying enough attention at work. While you may not know, this is a common trait among many individuals. People often struggle to concentrate at work and it is not always due to internet addiction. So don’t be quick to blame your Spectrum Internet Services. There are so many external as well as internal reasons for that. It is great if you recognize the problem and tackle it head-on.

A good start would be to opt for these brain hacks to improve your concentration at work.

Green Time

You should get regular green time. For those who do not know, green time refers to spending time outside among the natural greens. Exposing yourself to the natural surroundings including the green spaces can be very beneficial for your attention span. Or at least the doctors suggest. Some researchers also suggest that glancing at green spaces at work or in college can help you concentrate better as well.

Take a Break

You might not realize but work continuously exhaust your brain. The brain then loses the ability to concentrate on work. It is for this reason that you need to sympathize with not just your brain but your eyes and body as well. And give yourself a break. Some of the many ways by which you can achieve it are by doing the following:

  • Controlling the number of times you log in to your emails.
  • Switch off the notifications on your cellphone.
  • Log out of all social media platforms while at work.

Rethink Your Environment

Your environment plays a vital part in how much you are able to concentrate at work. It is a well-known fact that decluttering you’re your home or giving a neat look to your homework desk makes you concentrate better. These things form part of your environment. So, by the environment, we mean everything that forms a part of your surroundings.

If you think that your workstation or your cabin in the office is not to your liking, you always have an option to make changes to it. You can consider doing the following:

  • Design your own workspace.
  • Inhale rosemary aroma. It does wonders.
  • Play natural sounds.

All of the above-mentioned tricks will soothe your mind and will help you to relax.

Brain Training

You can go the extra mile by training your brain to concentrate more at work. You can achieve this by problem-solving exercises or indulging in brain-training methods. Apart from that, you can also indulge yourself in games that require concentration like solving a crossword puzzle.

Food Helps

You should also pay attention to what you eat. You might not see any connection between the food you eat and your concentration level. But studies suggest there is indeed a connection. Some of the food items that can aid you in increasing your concentration span include:

  • Walnuts.
  • Chocolate.
  • Avocados.


You should visit a nearby gym and ask a trainer to guide you regarding concentration exercises. Or else, you can search online. There are numerous trainers that have tutorials and guides on YouTube and other social media platforms. You can opt to perform concentration exercises in your home. This will help you a great deal.

In fact, researches suggest that individuals who take part in sports or exercise regularly have better cognitive functioning.

One of the best exercises to do is yoga. It not only improves the brain function of an individual but also the energy levels.

Focus on One Task

We live in a time where everyone multitasks. While many are proud of this ability of theirs, the truth is that you have to let go of this ‘superpower’ at work. Many people do not do it to make a point that they can handle a great number of tasks at any given time. In fact, they do so out of the fear of not having enough time to address or complete all the tasks.

However, to maintain your focus, multitasking is the worst. It distracts you and does not let you pay your full attention to any single task.

If you worry about not finishing well in time, stop. Because if you deal with one task at a time, you will be able to complete all your tasks in time. And sometimes before the assigned time as well. You just need to plan well.

Conscious of Your Intentions

Throughout the day, you should check with your own self. Keep a track of your intentions. And whenever you feel that things are getting out of your hands, take a deep breath. Relax and revisit your intentions.

Breathe In- Breathe Out

You might have underestimated the power of a breathing exercise in the past. But the truth is that it works wonders for you when it comes to increasing your concentration. So, here’s the drill. Before starting your work every day, watch your breath go in and out for two minutes. This allows your brain to focus on one thing at any given time.


When you are in a line of work that keeps your mind looking for ideas even if you are not at your desk, this app can help you make sure that you can save them. You can write anything on it. Use it like a sticky notepad, or a journal that contains lengthy essays, it can do everything for you. If you are a visual learner, you can drag your favorite photos into it too, or web links to help you find stuff later.

Just like on sticky notes, you can attach a reminder to make it send you an email reminder regarding work you should not miss. You can also sync up different devices to work from anywhere you want.


This app is a storage space for all the project-relevant information you find online. You have access to it and can view it leisurely later.  You can send the files directly to another person’s Pocket, or share them on social media apps. You can also save directly from Flipboard, Pulse, Twitter, and a variety of 15, 00 apps.

Drink Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is also a key to increasing your concentration span. Many of you do not drink enough water every day. And that is bad for your health. Not only does dehydration cause health issues but it does not let you concentrate as well.

If you think that you address all of the above-mentioned issues, then you should try to relax your mind. You can watch a season, a movie, or an interesting documentary at that time. The choice is yours.


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