10+ Best Wix Templates (+2 to Avoid) in 2021


Wix has one of the largest selections of templates on the market, and the truth is that some stand out a lot. However, it is difficult to check the more than 900 templates it offers, because who has time for that?

Well I! Drawing on my 5+ years of experience creating digital content, I have gone through the entire Wix library to tell you about the top 10 templates this creator has to offer.

The great thing about Wix’s versatile templates is that they will accompany you as your website evolves , even if you need more functionality later. Do you want to add a list of services? Or open an online store? Do not worry! These templates have everything you need!

#1. Project consultant

Modern, clean and professional, the Project Consultant template helps you highlight what you have to offer. Combining a forest green background with crisp white text, this template includes everything you need to create an effective personal web page.

It has clearly delimited sections to highlight your skills, previous projects, and client testimonials. Although it is aimed at (as you may have guessed) project consultants, it works great for almost any type of consulting or coaching website as well. Also, if you add a gallery, it will easily turn into a great portfolio template too

#2. Graffiti Artist

This quirky, image-based template is sure to turn heads with its striking black and white color palette and modern design . The background video, portfolio section, and parallax scrolling effect make it an ideal template for photographers, artists, and any other creative work, or anyone who wants a visually appealing web page to highlight examples of their work.

And if you want to start selling from your website, you can easily add a Wix Stores page to improve your online presence.

Graffiti Artist’s black and white background is the ideal accent for a full-coWix graffiti artist templatelor portfolio.

#3. Yoga instructor

With its eye-catching full-width images, clean white spaces, and parallax scrolling effect, the Yoga Instructor Template is the perfect way to attract new clients.

Although it is designed for fitness instructors, it is also ideal for any type of website that needs appointment booking and price list functionality, both built in . Just replace the yoga photos with your own images and you’ll be ready in no time.

Pro Tip: If you remove the appointment booking sections, Yoga Instructor would make an amazing template for a health and wellness blog.

Wix yoga instructor template

#4. Urban Hostel

I can’t say exactly why, maybe it’s the photo carousel, or the quirky red, white and black color palette, but this template feels fun and engaging . It is designed for a city hostel, with built-in sections for reserving rooms and highlighting services, but it could easily be adapted to other types of service web pages as well.

If you are looking for a unique template with a warm feeling, Hostal Urbano is for you. Of all the Wix templates for hotels and travel websites, this is definitely my favorite.

#5. Plant shop

Minimalism is all the rage right now… and the Wix Plant Shop template does it perfectly. This fresh and vibrant template combines a natural color palette with a simple design that lets the content speak for itself.

Selling plants is a fairly specialized company, but this template can be quickly adapted to any online store if the minimalist design is what you like the most. Just update the images, add your contact details and frequently asked questions, and you’re done!

# 6. Family photographer

This is another template that emphasizes the visuals. It is a mix between portfolio and reservation platform. Family Photographer is a minimalist template that is perfect for impressing potential clients with images of your work, be it a photographer, barber, food vendor, or esthetician.

The simple background and elegant fonts allow your work to take center stage , and with Wix Bookings built into the template, booking your services will be a breeze for clients.Wix family photographer template

# 7. Antique Car Garage

Although designed for vintage car dealerships, Antique Car Garage will appeal to anyone looking for a sleek, polished website with classic colors. Personally, I love the striking black menu bar and the bold contrasting home page segments.

This template also has plenty of space to display your products or services, with a dedicated section for the portfolio gallery, contact forms, and online booking functionality.Wix vintage car garage template

Even if vintage cars aren’t your thing, you’re sure to fall in love with this sleek design.

# 8. Graphic designer

Bright, bold, and fun, the Graphic Designer template is ideal for cutting-edge designers, artists and photographers , or anyone looking for a personal website template that is highly visual and clean-lined.

This template stands out for its circular grid gallery and downward-facing menu bar. It also has the pages ” About me “, ” Contact ” and ” Reservations “, which will be very useful regardless of the type of web page you are creating. It even offers a built-in blog section to drive visitors to your page.Wix graphic designer template

Clean, elegant, and simple, the Graphic Designer template isn’t just for graphic designers.

# 9. Brow bar

A website specializing in brow shaping is a niche market, but… don’t discount this template just yet! ”Its bright, modern color palette, combined with eye-catching images and unconventional designs, make Brow Bar ideal for creating! an elegant website with a unique brand identity .

Whether you’re a restaurant owner, travel blogger, or graphic designer, Brow Bar can help you tell your story. The treatments page and reservation function can easily be adapted to any type of service web page, and social media integrations are built in.Wix brow bar template

Its quirky design makes Brow Bar ideal for creating a prominent brand identity.

# 10. Mexican restaurant

The most versatile of all restaurant templates on WixMexican Restaurant combines a warm color palette with an eye-catching photograph. This template offers a cozy feel that will suit any family restaurant, or any family business.

With built-in menu, photo gallery, booking and online ordering features, it includes everything a restaurant owner could want from a website , and with a little customization it can work just as well for any business that needs it. a price list and a reservation function.Wix Mexican restaurant template

The Mexican Restaurant template is warm and comforting.

#eleven. Shoe store

This sharp, sophisticated and minimal template will help you bring your products to the fore. It emphasizes the visuals while giving you ample space to tell your brand’s story , whether it’s about shoes, jewelry, soaps, or whatever else you’re passionate about.

Shoe Store’s neutral color palette , minimal text, and streamlined hamburger menu (the ubiquitous three-line icon) help keep visitors focused on your products. With built-in new collection and sale pages, this is the ideal template for online stores with smaller product ranges.Wix shoe store template

Wix Templates That Didn’t Make The Cut

Well, it’s time to confess. Earlier I said that Wix templates are so customizable that they can be adapted to almost any use. Well 95% of the time that’s true, but there are a couple of templates that you should avoid unless you’re making exactly that kind of web page. We will tell you three that are too specific.

The first is the Climate Change Conference . This template is packed with content, but the Speakers , Agenda, and Updates pages aren’t going to be very useful unless you’re creating a web page for a conference or other event with speakers – not really much versatility! Also, the blue and red color palette is… wordless.

The same is true of the template Live Stream Music Event ( Event Live Music ), which, if anything, is for a niche even smaller than Conference on climate change . The simple brick red, orange, and black color palette is attractive, but the template is too simple. With just a calendar reminder and some built-in social buttons, it’s not really flexible enough to accommodate other types of web pages.

Wix templates to avoid: Climate change conference and live music stream
These two templates are at the bottom of my recommendation list.

And lastly, please, for the love of God and everything that moves, stay away from The Gym . Whoever told the designer of this webpage that it would be a great idea to mix bold pink, turquoise, and lime green with the 90s WordArt shading, I think they need to have a vision test done.

Wix gym template
The Wix Gym template is a lesson in how NOT to design a website.

A Pair of Multipurpose Squarespace Templates to Consider

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. While you can use my top 11 templates ( and Wix’s 900+ ) for free, I’ve wanted to diversify and highlight a couple of Squarespace templates that might be worth paying a little more for.

Like Wix, Squarespace combines powerful functionality with great designs. But unlike Wix, its 60+ templates automatically adapt to mobile devices. That means you won’t have to fiddle with a dedicated mobile editor and your website will always look good, no matter what type of device your visitors are browsing on.

If this sounds good to you, read on to discover two of my favorite Squarespace templates.


Hester is a shiny new template that Squarespace released with its 7.1 update, which gave all templates the same features and layout options. This makes all 7.1 templates super customizable and versatile, and Hester is no exception. You could transform it in almost any way imaginable, with a blog, events, portfolio, a store, reservations, price lists… whatever you want.

With its bold blocks of color, call-to-action buttons, and eye-catching fonts, Hester is one of the most striking and aesthetically pleasing templates you can find on any website builder.

Squarespace Hester template
Squarespace’s Hester template makes me want to color my own web page yellow.


Almar is also a 7.1 template, which means that it can also adapt to many different types of web pages. It features a simple yet bold design with large image headers and text snippets. Plus , it’s packed with features including newsletter subscription, blog, award list, appointment booking, and a membership feature.

Do you want proof of its versatility? You just have to see its categorization: Almar is included in the categories of Online Store, Blog, Health and Beauty, Personal and CV, and Professional Services. There is no more to say.

Website Templates for All Audiences: Appearances Deceive

As you may have already guessed, it is important not to get carried away by categories when looking for the best template for your website. Since images and text can be changed in the blink of an eye, it makes sense to focus on the design and layout of a template, rather than its content.

Thanks to their customizability and versatility, most of Wix’s templates can be used for various types of pages, and in my opinion, these 11 templates are the best of the best. Of course, your final choice will depend on the unique identity you want for your website. But by expanding the network, you open yourself up to many more (and often better) options.


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