10 Best Ways to Flaunt Your Bridal Ring in New Creative Ways


The quest for the ideal Instagram picture is real. Dark selfies, hazy trip shots, and immaculately plated dishes don’t seem appetizing. No matter what location or background you choose—we get it. But admit it: among thousands of variations, the selfie with ultimate jewelry designs is the one you’ve mastered. From the bathroom selfie and benefit to the duck face and post-workout selfie, to name a few. It comes to a form of self-portrait that, like the occasion it commemorates. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, there’s no way to practice until it’s perfect. The diamond leaf ring selfie is a photo you take to announce your relationship’s new status on social media, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most popular wedding fads today—even celebrities are doing it!

If you haven’t heard of terms like ‘Instagram-worthy’ or #ForTheGram, you must be living under a rock! Brides-to-be who are active on social media are always on the hunt for innovative methods to visually document each milestone with ultimate jewelry designs in their life. And one of the most recent big announcements we’ve seen is an engagement announcement! We’ve all seen that one adorable post while browsing through our news feeds that made us stop and think, ‘aww, so precious!’

Ring selfies aren’t only for millennial couples. We can also see them amid the current wave of celebrity weddings that has descended upon us. A plethora of engaged and married celebrities have announced their engagements on Instagram. Some of them are Kim Kardashian West to Meghan Markle. We took inspiration from their social media posts. It’ll help you create an enviable set-up for broadcasting your fiancé’s forthcoming wedding and, of course, your beautiful diamond ring. Continue reading to see what we discovered.

1. Take pleasure in it.

Miranda Kerr, a Victoria’s Secret model, announced her engagement to Snapchat co-founder Evan Spiegel. She has clicked a photo of the couple holding hands, with that stunning gemstone in the foreground. Kerr applied a Snapchat filter over the click to give it a playful tone. The specially-created-for-the-occasion bitmoji included caricatures of the couple throughout the proposal.

2. Clouds in the Sky

On your engagement you feel ecstatic. So, there’s no better spot on the planet to display your delight and your new rock than the clouds. 

3. While wearing your spectacles 

Pose in style like this pair to give your engagement selfie a unique twist. And why not? We must celebrate that gleaming pear cut engageent ring.

4. Against a Violent Background

We can’t get enough of engagement rings, especially when the setting is as enthralling as this and the glitter is as gorgeous as this.

5. Create a ring selfie with a ‘plandid’ look

The term ‘plandid’ is a combination of planned and candid, in case you didn’t know. It’s a meticulously designed photo that captures the mood of the occasion. It doesn’t require you to look straight at the camera, despite the fact that it seems like an oxymoron. While announcing her engagement with artist Nick Jonas to her 35 million+ Instagram followers earlier in August 2018, Priyanka Chopra nailed her ring selfie technique. “Taken.. With all my heart and soul..” read the caption, which was just as lovely as the image. Jonas also shared the video.

6. Go all out with a photo for an editorial

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official engagement portrait would have made you swoon if you like editorial spreads in magazines. A wonderfully captured portrait-style image is ideal for the couple who wants to save the image as a wedding keepsake and wants to go all out. Begin by compiling a mood board with the many stances you’d like to try—the internet is your oyster. Because you want to be sure of the outcome, we recommend hiring a photographer rather than asking a friend to take it for you. Don’t go with the crowd when it comes to your clothing. Just because royalty was dressed to the nines doesn’t imply you have to be as well.

7. Show off your engagement ring and your fiancé

A car selfie with your beau to indicate your new status is still a common way of announcing your engagement, despite being a done-and-dusted version. It also makes for a fun, casual photo that captures you in the moment’s glory.

8. Get a good look at your hands up close

Sophie Turner, who plays Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones, announced her engagement to musician Joe Jonas in a traditional way. The actor captured close-ups of her and her fiancé’s hands, elegantly showing their relationship and the rock. “I said yes,” was the simple caption that completed the atmosphere of her ring selfie picture.

9. Go for a monotone look

“When you photograph people in black and white, you catch their spirit,” says an adage regarding monochrome photography. While Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West are known for their theatricality—for his big proposal, West hired an orchestra to play for his now-wife while a large screen flashed the words “Pleeease Marry Meee!!!!” at AT&T Park in San Francisco—the couple’s union was announced in a straightforward manner. To promote the imminent wedding, Kardashian West shared an achromatic photo of the proposal setting, with her ring in focus.

10. Experiment with your frame

How would you expect Michael Phelps, a very accomplished and distinguished Olympian, to announce his engagement to his now-wife, former model and beauty queen, Ashley Phelps?

Final Thoughts

This click, if done correctly, may seem as slick as a fashion publication, elevating your Instagram game from newbie to influencer. The first thing to remember is to get the light just right. (As we’ve already stated, natural light is the key to beautiful photography.) Second, make certain that your hands are camera-ready (read: get a manicure.) Now consider the tale you’d like to tell with this photograph and hunt for a suitable location to snap you and your beloved together. You can also select or curate an attractive backdrop, and remember to strike a position that flatters your hands. That’s also a good idea to bear in mind that you don’t want to be the one who posts pictures of her ring to all of her followers—don’t do it.

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