10 Best Places for Solo Travelers in 2020

10 Best Places for Solo Travelers in 2020

It’s 2020, you must be having new traveling goals for visiting different places across the world. The majority of the people after the start of the year, plan their trips. One of the best ways to explore more without restriction is to travel alone. You will be free to go anywhere you want and there will be no one to disturb you. There are many benefits of solo Travelers that will make you more inclined to go alone instead of going with your friend or family. 

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Now, the next question in your mind will be the most popular places that you can visit. If you are not able to make any choice, below is the list of ten places that you can visit:

1. Vancouver, Canada:

First on the list is Vancouver, Canada. If you love to spend time in nature, then Vancouver is one of the best places to add it to your solo destination list for 2020. Canada without any doubt, as a whole, is a very safe country to visit however, Vancouver is having so much more to offer. The city itself is offering beautiful views of mountains and it has a lot of fun places to visit that include Granville Market and Stanley Park. 

2. Santiago, Chile:

The next place that you should visit is Santiago, Chile. South America is a very friendly destination for travelers and for those who don’t speak Spanish. In Santiago, you can easily take a subway or Uber to visit the city alone. The local food scene is very fantastic and casual, so it is a great place for enjoying a meal and cocktail by yourself. For instance, at De Patio restaurant, you can sit at the counter and chat with the chef while he will be preparing your dish with ingredients straight out of his garden.

3. Malaysia:

Within Southeast Asia, Malaysia is one of the great destinations for solo traveling for any age. You are able to see some of the incredible rain forests and stunning canopy walks, buzzing cities, and great culinary scene. As most Malaysians speak perfect English, there will be no problem in communication in comparison to other countries. Note that Malaysia is not having a travel party scene just like Thailand, so it will be a perfect choice in Asia for more culture-focused or mature travelers.

4. Slovenia:

Travel the greenest and the most beautiful countries in Europe by booking a ticket to Slovenia! This place is not only having the fairy tale castles built into mountain walls but it is also having underground cave trains that resemble Indiana Jones’ own adventures. Do visit the Predjama Castle! Transport links in the city are convenient. The country is small enough to be explored confidently and there are no problems regarding it. Furthermore, the majority of the population speaks English and this makes it one of the best European destinations for a solo traveler this year.

5. St. John’s, Canada:

This will not be a place that many people will know. St. John’s, Newfoundland is a very magnificent and great option for solo travelers. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful due to the massive cliffs overlooking the ocean. You can go to the top of Signal Hill to overlook the harbor and out to the sea. Moreover, you can also drive out to Cape Spear to stand at North America’s most eastern point. The special part of St. John’s is the people living there as they are very friendly. You can grab a pint in one of the Irish pubs and start a conversation easily. The downtown area is packed with restaurants, pubs, and shops. 

6. Oman:

Most of the people will not be able to point to Oman on a map, but it is one of the best destinations for solo travelers in 2020! Locals are very friendly and you can walk down the street without getting stared. Renting a car is very easy and the roads are in pristine condition. One of the key highlights of traveling Oman is the fabulous nature and scenery that include the sparkling blue wadis and sand dunes for hundreds of miles to the sea cliffs and the ‘Grand Canyon of the Middle East.’ If you are looking to have a break from traveling solo, consider hiring a local Omani guide to see different places in a day or two!

7. Seoul, South Korea:

Seoul is also on top of my list for the great places to travel solo this year. It is safe for solo travelers and it is fairly easy to get around. The people are always kind and they are willing to help the tourists. The city is full of modern conveniences that make everyday luxury to another level. Wi-Fi is present everywhere, you can Uber around the city and the customer service is very good. It is best for solo travelers and budget-friendly as well because you will get a ton of low-cost options for hotels and food. Don’t forget to try out the street food in Seoul!

8. Rotterdam, Netherlands:

You need to skip the crowds of Amsterdam and you need to head toward Rotterdam. Transportation across the city is very easy, walkable, and bike-friendly. You can take a water taxi and enjoy the views of the modern architecture of the city. Other than this, you can head to the food halls such as Markthal and Fenix Food Factory to find out what is new with Dutch cuisine!

9. Accra, Ghana:

If you want to travel to Africa as a solo traveler, then Ghana is one of the best options. Ghanaians are very kind and they are typically willing to help travelers with directions. Accra has a beach close by along with many cafes, cute boutiques, and restaurants. Solo travelers will definitely appreciate that Uber is available and it is affordable in Accra that makes the transportation easy across the city. 

10. Malta:

Malts is an incredible, charming, and gorgeous European island. It is just off the coast of Italy and best for an enchanting solo travel adventure! You can easily rent a car and can explore both islands in a few couples of days. You will be seeing things like quaint cobblestone streets and stunning Blue Lagoon.

The choice is Yours:

This was the list of ten best places that you can visit as a solo traveler in 2020. You just need to pack your bag and start your journey. 

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