10 Best Islands to Visit in Bali on your honeymoon

Bali, Indonesia, traveler watching the sunset at Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida Island.

There are 17000 islands in Indonesia, with 922 of them being inhabited. Bali, with its laid-back multicolored dusks and dawns, deep-rooted spirituality, volcanic rises, gorgeous temples, monkey swings, and lush green flora, is the perfect place to retreat. While Bali has a plethora of tourist attractions, the world beyond the island should not be overlooked. The greatest islands to visit near Bali are, in fact, must-see sites, especially if you’re on a romantic vacation. These Indonesian islands, which are located near Bali, are famed not only for their beauty but also for their hospitable people and culture.

And now for the list of holiday islands near Bali to visit, which will complete your ideal island hopping experience. You won’t want to miss out on these if you’re planning a honeymoon in Bali. Each one is admired for its culture, natural beauty, and other factors.

  1. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is the place to go if you want to experience Bali at a slower pace. This island is one of the most romantic escapes from Bali, with no traffic, no hawkers, and the greatest lodgings. The island prohibits the movement of four-wheelers, which explains the lack of traffic. Locals either stroll or ride their bikes about. You, too, can do it!

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While on a Bali honeymoon, don’t miss out on this 20-year-old version of Bali, which has a plethora of daring activities to offer. The island has attractive villages to visit, beautiful aquatic life to see, and dense mangrove forests to boat through, making it ideal for a honeymoon excursion. Around Bali, this is one of the most beautiful islands to visit.


2. Nusa Ceningan

A trip to the Lands of the Forgotten! Nusa Ceningan is known as Bali’s forgotten notorious cousin, once easily accessible through a decrepit yellow bridge from Nusa Lembongan. The island is known for seaweed farming and adventure, and it is even less crowded. This little stone jewel boasts a 12 metre high cliff jumping site known as Blue Lagoon, which attracts all daredevils. There’s also enough beauty for romantics to enjoy. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful islands to visit near Bali. Thus, it makes its place in the list of best islands to visit on your honeymoon.


3. Nusa Penida

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Aside from the usual perks of a normal Indonesian island, the Nusa Penida offers bird watching opportunities, as well as trips to some of Indonesia’s oldest caves. Crystal Bay, on the island of craggy caverns, boasts pure white sand stretches and crystal clear waters for couples to explore. The grandeur of the FNPF Bird Sanctuary in Ped Village adds to the list of reasons why this location is one of the best adjacent islands around Bali.

4. Lombok

Lombok, a big volcano island off the east coast of Bali, is known for its multicoloured beauty. When you’ve finished your Bali island tour and are ready to explore the nearby islands, Lombok is a must-see destination. In the south of the island, there is a Kuta named after the Kuta in Bali, as well as another Kuta in Lombok. Kuta is now significantly less congested and boasts some of Indonesia’s most beautiful beaches, making it a must-visit location for couples.

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Mount Rinjani, located in the northwestern part of the island, is home to beautiful waterfalls. The mountain also includes a raging active volcano that is easily accessible and provides a breathtaking view of the island. It is one of the naturally created god’s beauty that makes it one of the best places to enjoy your Bali honeymoon.  


5. Menjangan Islands

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When you’re seeking islands to visit on your daily travels from Bali to neighbouring islands, this is the place to go. Menjangan is an underwater wonderland and one of Indonesia’s most gorgeous underwater habitats. The waters of this island, concealed from the general visitor, are home to about 226 different species of fish. To top it all, a treasure has been discovered in the deep sea near this mysterious island, in the form of a 150-year-old shipwreck of unknown origin. Wouldn’t it be fun to go on a treasure hunt with your significant other? Oh! On the island, there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This is also one of the best-kept secrets near Bali.

6. Gili Trawangan

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Welcome to Gili Trawangan’s hippy regions, where you’ll find noisy sellers and a swarm of travelers smoking on a dock among fuel fumes. Despite its hipster reputation, this Indonesian island is equally as lovely. The aquatic life on Hipster Island is so vibrant that even a snorkel will help you view the turtles and different colours of corals. The Ombak Sunset Swing on the beach is also very lovely. Furthermore, the island boasts a vibrant nightlife, with a huge number of bars hosting late-night beach parties. This is one of the most beautiful islands near Bali.

7. Gili Gede

If you get the chance to visit the hidden treasures of Bali, Gili Gede is a must-see. It is located off the south coast of Lombok and is part of the Gili Islands. The romantic island in Bali is famed for its snorkeling launch places and is almost untouched by tropical beauty. Snorkeling Souvenir offers some of the most pristine reefs for underwater exploration, making it one of the best islands in Bali for honeymoon.


8. Gili Meno

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Gili Meno, the most romantic of all the Gili islands off the coast of Bali, Indonesia, is a popular honeymoon location. A romantic site to rekindle the love, an aviary, a turtle sanctuary, the best snorkeling facilities, and hidden restaurants — a nicer honeymoon setting couldn’t be imagined. And, if you visit this Honeymoon island in June, you will be treated to some fantastic culinary delights from the island’s eateries. If you’re going island hopping from Bali, don’t miss this one.

9. Komodo Island

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Komodo National Park, a UNESCO-listed world heritage site on Komodo Island, is home to the world’s largest reptiles, the Komodo Dragons. The islands’ animals undoubtedly attract a lot of attention, but the surrounding waters also provide excellent scuba diving options for wildlife aficionados and couples. The legendary manta rays, sharks, and some of Indonesia’s most stunning reefs may all be found in the underwater environment of Komodo Island. If you and your loved one aren’t brave enough, The Land of Dragons is the place to be. Giving a thrilling wildlife experience to tourists, this island makes its place to the list of one of the best islands in Bali for honeymoon.

10. Java

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The cultural capital of Indonesia, Java, is located to the west of Bali. Java is rightfully known as the mini-Indonesia because of its numerous temples, architectural marvels, unrefined Indonesian culture and tradition, and a few volcanoes. The famous cities on this traditional island bordering Bali include Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja, Malang, and Bogor. Borobudur’s ancient Hindu temples and the Sultan’s Palace are symbols of royal Indonesian culture.


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